Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CHARITIES Announced!

Hi there...Well...Here I am at the halfway point of another week in this Journey. 

My brain is busy with thoughts about the upcoming event in everyday at lunch and every mind is filled with ideas, "to do" lists, concerns and of course...that crazy Doubt I spoke of yesterday. 

I like being creative and I am truly excited about this event.  It feels like what I am supposed to be doing...and I am clear that there are facets of planning this type of event that I know nothing about!  I will have to trust that I will be shown the right answers...given the tools I need and I will pray for the courage to move ahead!  Just like this weight loss Journey.

So...the decision is final on the 2 charities that will benefit from this event. 

Though I have mentioned the 2 charities at different moments in the past...Here is the official information about both of them.

As I have said, I wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity that Kerri Walsh Jennings supports and I wanted to donate in her honor as a way of acknowledging her support for me along this Journey.  She really represents for me the true role model!  She makes every effort to honor her sport, to honor her family, and she does so with great integrity.  She appears to fully accept the role with a full heart of gratitude.  I like that. 

So here is the link to The Good Tidings Foundation and here is a brief description of the organization.  This is an organization that serves the San Francisco Bay Area...Kerri's hometown.

The idea to start the Good Tidings Foundation emerged from a children's book Larry Harper, a Major League Baseball Scout at the time, wrote with Vin Scully in 1994 called It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to benefit youth charities including the Jackie Robinson Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was the year of the baseball strike and he wanted to remind kids that baseball is all about fun. Always concerned with children's welfare especially in the most under served areas, Larry founded the Good Tidings Foundation in January of 1995. Larry and his wife, Ronette, began answering children's Dear Santa letters from the post office in their garage and many years later, the foundation has developed into projects, programs and scholarships that have impacted thousands of wonderful young people. "Some children are raised in West Oakland and others in the Oakland Hills, others in Hunter's Point and some on Nob Hill," says Founder Larry Harper. "It is our responsibility to try to level the playing field of opportunity for all children."

Good Tidings Foundation, founded in 1995, is a 501-(c)-3 children's charity that looks to equally support ARTS, EDUCATION, ATHLETICS and DREAMS for youth from communities of need in the Greater Bay Area. Good Tidings creates original projects and works in partnership with professional sports franchises, businesses and agencies throughout the Bay Area, leveraging resources in order to increase access to enriching opportunities by deserving youth. We design, fund and build projects that are maintained and programmed in perpetuity by school districts, recreation departments, or city governments. We believe that every child deserves to have the means to achieve his or her dreams regardless of financial status, ethnic background, religion, or region of living. It is the spirit of the holiday season that we were founded upon that we look to emulate all year long.

The 2nd organization is Cy-Hope.  This is an organization born out of the church I attend and it serves the community in which I live.  It too, is an organization that reaches out to under served kids within the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, the 3rd largest school district in the State of Texas. 

Here is a link:

Our mission at Cy-Hope is for every school in Cy-Fair ISD to earn Exemplary status by making life better for kids in our community.

Our vision at Cy-Hope is to rally our entire community: businesses, education, churches, civic organizations, hospitals, and individual volunteers to advance the goal of making life better for kids in Cy-Fair, serving the economically, spiritually and relationally disadvantaged children.

Our purpose at Cy-Hope is the main economic drivers that move people into our area are education and sports. Families live here for the children. The purpose of Cy-Hope is to rally the entire community around the goal of bringing hope and opportunity to every child in the Cy-Fair area. We will help each and every Cy-Fair school become an Exemplary School making a lasting and positive impact on the community of Cy-Fair.

The Current Reality Cy-Fair I.S.D. is the third largest in Texas, and the largest non-urban school district in the country, with 84 campuses (53 elementary, 17 middle, 11 high school, 4 special needs). Thirty-three new schools have been constructed since 2,000.

50% of the 108,000 students at Cy-Fair are labeled as at-risk, meaning a family of four makes less than $40,000/year. These children are most likely to drop out of school or not attend college. If current trends continue, by the year 2040 as many as 30% of the Texas work force will not have a high school diploma, and average income will be $6,000 less than it is today. Additionally, Cy-Fair is also known for being the home to the largest youth sports leagues in the country.

What Cy-Hope Does

Adopt-a-School ProgramsCy-Hope is committed to partnering with schools and offering ministry of sustenance, mentoring, tutoring, volunteers and empowering to long- term self-sufficiency. We've already adopted Francone and Andre Elementary and will continue to adopt more.

Backpack ProgramIn an effort to prevent childhood hunger and to provide each child the opportunity to succeed in school and life, the Backpack Program will provide food for needy school children each weekend. In each bag, children find food that will help sustain them through the weekends when school food is not accessible. We currently serve 16 schools with three pending, which includes over 700 children.Our goal is to have all 49 Title 1 schools participate in this program.

Dual Credits ProgramScholarships are given to qualified at-risk students.

Hope CentersCy-Hope has created "Hope Centers" in trailer parks and apartment complexes where kids can come for tutoring, life skills classes, Bible study, sports, games, and mentoring. These Hope Centers will provide a location to offer English and citizenship classes to adults. Our first two Hope Centers are located in the Longhorn Trailer Park and Windfern Trails Apartments.

Larry Dierker Baseball AcademyAt Dierkers Champs, not only will players receive positive baseball instruction, but they will also receive caring, positive role models.
  • Children will have the opportunity to have the best, most rewarding experience within Cy-Fair Sports Association.
  • Children will get top-level baseball instruction.
  • 20 teams played in Spring 2011 at all levels under Dierker Champs.
  • 150 kids and 100 adult volunteers participated in the first Dierker's Champs Baseball Clinic. It was a great day of fun and fundamentals with Coach Dierker leading our coaches and volunteers in gearing up for the spring baseball season.

Again the event will be help on Saturday, August 24th, 2013 (Event Hours TBD).

I hope you will prayerfully consider supporting us in our efforts to support these charities in an effort to give HOPE to and provide tools for a Healthier Happier Children. 

Thank you so much for your support. 

I will continue to work hard...Move my Feet, Share My Heart and Grow My Faith on this Journey to De-Fluff!


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