Monday, April 29, 2013

Pick a Little...Talk, Talk, Talk

Hello...again, it  is late!!!  We are still having a girl's weekend!!!  Lots of fun and still laughing my hind end off...Today has been great...slept in...had breakfast, went to the lake...talked, talked some more, headed back to the house, had snacks, talked, continued to talk, ate dinner, talked some more and in between...laughed, laughed and took this photo. 

They both were able to put their hair in a top knot pony...I could NOT be left out!!!  Meet Pebbles, Teletubby and Alfalfa!  Yes...we may be having margaritas again!  These two are hilarious!!! 

For some reason as I write this...I am reminded of Pick a little Talk a little from Music Man...We have definitely picked a little and talked a LOT!!!

Pick a Little Talk a Little-Music Man

So here I sit...blogging and these two are throwing back big bites of banana pudding and I am posting about my weight loss Journey!!  No banana pudding for me...My margaritas were my splurge! 

Today's conversations varied from religion, kids, bullies, food, high school memories, and Donna's insistence that our conversations were entirely too intense...thus driving us to take the above picture!!! 

Though I am aware that we did discuss a few serious topics today...I would not trade a single much to be learned!  So freakin' cathartic!  I love my people! 

Picka a little...Goodnight Ladies!!!

That is it for tonight...I am pretty sure I will have some great God moments to share from this weekend...But I am pretty sure God would like me to go to bed now...!  :)

I am off tomorrow...So HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!!!

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