Thursday, April 25, 2013

Will Work for Food

Hi...I was perusing through some photos and found a picture of my Mom and I a little over a  year ago...It was Easter 2012 and we both were just a few weeks away from a very rough time in both of our lives...

Here we year later...Easter 2013...what a difference a year makes!

These are the some of the first pictures that I have looked at and really felt like I see a difference!  When I look at, I see less "Moon Pie" face...and more desire to live a better life!  I think we both look sick in the 1st picture...maybe that is not so obvious to others...but when I look at the 2nd picture...I see healthier, happier AND skinnier! 

 I recently was asked if I am happy with where I am at in this weight loss I happy with my progress.  I did not answer the question immediately...I managed to talk incessantly about something else until I could provide some kind of answer. 

At the time, my answer was Yes and No.  Depending on the day!  At times, I think...I have LOST 50lbs!  and at times I think...I have ONLY lost 50lbs.  When one has 120+lbs to lose...50 can feel like just a drop in the bucket. 

But since I was asked the question...I have thought about it...Am I happy with my progress?  Here is what came to my somewhat warped mind. 

8 months ago..I kinda think this sign represented my life...

Not in the most literal sense...though at times over the past few years...I felt like I might literally need this sign..but instead...I am speaking figuratively...Food represented survival for me...It was my respite from my physical pain, from my emotional pain...It was the only way I felt like celebrating...when I was whipped physically...I could always throw back some CHOW...and when I was drained emotionally...Food was my pick me up!  Food was an excellent reward and a wonderful comforter...still is!  Truthfully though, only now do I realize this and only now can I verbalize this...It is uncomfortable.  I find myself wanting to explain to those that do not know me well...but I am not going to...Regardless of what I ate, how often I ate, how much I was not the frequency, portion size or type of food that mattered...It was the effort I put into eating and the reasons I ate that made it harmful!  
So 8 months ago, God sent me some inspiration in the form of 2 Olympic Stars..playing beach volleyball in London...a million miles away from where I was (in more ways than one).
In less than 72 hours of watching Misty May and Kerri Walsh win Olympic gold, I had decided to start this Journey...I committed...
In my mind...I would lose 120lbs in 12 months!  10lbs a problem!
So here I am, 8 months later and I have lost 50lbs...that is roughly a little over 6 lbs per month.  Not ideal...I guess.  But my sign has changed. 

So am I happy with my Progress?  YES!  It is not a perfect Journey...BUT...I am moving in positive direction that allows me to share the very things that made me WORK FOR FOOD!  I have found the strength through Christ to follow my heart!  What I am experiencing has for me proven that:

I will keep praying and I ask you to do the same.  Much Love!





  1. Much healthier looking....and both prettier!!!!! Definitely on the right track. A.C.

  2. Of course you can see the difference. Healthier, happier face. Toni looks healthier too. Love you both... Barb