Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weight Loss Warning Label

Hello to all...I hope Tuesday is treating you well!  I am super busy this week and am working hard to manage my work schedule, workout schedule, food planning,  volleyball coaching duties, blogging duties..you get the picture. 

It is funny...7 months ago (and several years in a row) my life was styled to fit the lifestyle of someone surviving...I have said that before...It was a life geared for just getting by.  I worked if I could, I took care of daily life stuff (at times), I ate...too much, and I slept...often fitfully!  I did manage to have some fun...spending time with a relatively small circle of friends..but truthfully, it almost always came at a fairly hefty physical price! 

So I have shared along this Journey that I have been a little shocked at the energy I have had...and strangely, not exactly sure what to do with myself.  Not a bad problem to have...and still a little baffling...that may be weird!!!

I guess that is why the last few days have been a little challenging...just feeling sluggish...and well, I feel like my old self and not in a good way!!!

I told a friend tonight...this weight loss thing should come with a Warning Label...It should read something like this:

WARNING:  When decreasing the intake of yummy, gooey, emotion stuffing -fattening foods coupled with a decrease in couch lounging, t.v watching along with a substantial increase of physical movement, veggie eating, water drinking, ONE could experience  the following unexpected side effects: Sudden bursts of energy, overwhelming desire to eat grapes instead of cupcakes,  unexpected emotions normally controlled with sugar and fat, uncomfortable clarity, the presence of feelings on sleeves, confusion about identity and general feelings of "what the hell is happening".  IF any of the above symptoms last longer than 72 hours...seek advice of a therapist immediately and/or pray...pray long and hard!

THIS is my warning label.  Add to that...extenuating circumstances such as advancing "MEAN-O -PAUSE and a jacked up immune system...you get me...Right NOW!!! 

So...there you have it!  So in the words of Jack Nicholson in As Good As it Gets:  Sell Crazy someplace else...we are all stocked up here!!! 

Thank God for those people that put up with me on a daily basis!!!  Seriously though...a very special friend sent me a text yesterday....a timely message from a friend plowing through her own Journey...working to defy the odds! 

She sent me the below scripture and here is what she said:

"For me that takes deliberate practice.  I hope one day it will come second nature to me.  For now I am just trying to walk by faith and I know God is holding me with every step. You will be blessed in so many ways for taking this Journey you are on and for sharing it with all of us that love you.  I see it happening."

That my friends...is why I make it through the crazy days...That is just one message I have received in the last few days...I have other brave souls supporting me in my efforts...even when I am out of sorts! 

I do ask for your continued prayers.  I always need them and I need them particularly now.  It appears I continue to travel by roller coaster and I have to keep the ups and downs in perspective and keep the Glorious view from the top in the forefront of my mind! 

I must Keep Becoming...Thinking Happy Thoughts!!! 


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