Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Card

So this post is dedicated to Mother's Day...particularly my Mother.  You see...I happen to have the Mother of all Mothers...If there was a super hero Mom...she would look like my Mom.  If a Mom ruled the world...It would be my Mom.  If there was an Academy Award for Best Mom in a Leading Role...My Mom would win.  She is the Meryl Streep of Mom's....The Mother Theresa of Motherhood. 

For those of you that do not know her...Let me tell you a few things! First, she endured 28 hours of labor to give birth to me...YEP...She became a single mom by the time I was 7... She raised me and at times, worked as many as 3 jobs to make sure I was taken care of and had all of the cool kid things I needed...including White Gloria Vanderbilt I rocked those jeans!!! 

She is FUNNY!!! Really funny...Not goofy, Mom funny...but quick, stand up comedian kinda funny. 
She threw amazing kid parties...Everything from a circus party in the garage when I was 4 or 5 to haunted house Halloween Parties and sleepless slumber parties. 

During my school years...she was the Cool Mom...Yep...I had the cool Mom! 

When I said I wanted to go to college...She said she would make it happen...She Did! 
When I needed a new car...I had one.
When I broke a bone, got cracked in the head with a softball, got sick...she took care of me.

When I hit a home run or struck out looking...She cheered me on!

When I graduated from College...She gave me a standing ovation.  She deserved one too! 

When I lose faith...she says Don't be a Ye (Oh Ye of little Faith)

When I got sick...she moved in with me...

We are really quite entertaining together...We sing songs...make up words...quote movie lines that no one else gets...We have funny nicknames for each other...We have traveled all over the United States and parts of Alabama...and even though you won't get that...she will!

She is a damn fine woman!!!  I could not be luckier.  Though I know some pretty awesome Moms and have the great honor of having some great friends and family members who rock as Moms...My Mom is The Queen...The Queen Mother!!!

So Happy Mother's Day my Sweet Tone Tone!!! I love  you!

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