Saturday, May 11, 2013

Laugh at the Confusion

My life for the past few weeks has been saturated with a ton of emotions.  I am acutely aware that I have not exactly been Little Miss Sunshine.

I am really trying to be honest and work through the clouds in hopes that some of this stuff makes a little sense.  But today...Today I cannot think about it.  Whatever unresolved feelings, unconquered challenges or unanswered questions are out there are going to need to get in line and wait. 

I found this little quote and of course, am including it here.

My favorite line is "Laugh at the Confusion"...I think I will! was part of our Mother's Day celebration...My Tone Tone and I shopped, had lunch out...Shopped more...had dinner and now we are home..both tired and both ready to chill. 
I am going to trust that All the pieces will fall into place and I know that everything happens for  reason. 
All I ask of you is to keep this Journey and my old fluffy self in your prayers...You can even laugh at my confusion too!  Might as well...

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