Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Light years away...Closer than I thought.

WOW!!!  What a day!  I have been non-stop today...You know what the really cool part is...I could NOT have done this one year ago.  One year ago...I was "living" in Donna's house because neither Mom nor I was well enough to be at home...we could not take care of ourselves or each other.

Today is light years from where I was one year ago...I have talked about milestones along this Journey...weight loss milestones, exercise milestones..etc...but I must again, acknowledge the tremendous difference in my overall health!

One year ago this month, I thought that there was a good chance that the rest of my life would be about just barely making it from one day to the next...surviving, hoping that I would feel better, hoping that I there was some sort of miracle that would lead me out of a tremendously dark time and into a lighter, happier, healthier place!  I spent hours at Dr.'s offices, hospitals, etc...not to mention money!!!!  I did not feel like there was any cure for my issues...I sort of felt like this cartoon!

But it was closer than I thought...It turns out...It was just one miracle away!  One magic burst of inspiration, one Olympic volleyball game, one decision, one conversation with God away from turning into a reality. is taking time...lots of time!  It is taking conviction, will power, PRAYER, support, tears, laughter...straight up hard work...but it is closer and closer everyday! 
It has been 13 months since I was hospitalized for a marathon migraine that lasted for more than 6 weeks and a headache that last for the better part of a year...It has been 13 months since my blood glucose levels were completely out of control and I was taking big doses of insulin...
It has been 12 months since I was rushed to the hospital (across a parking because I was having an anaphylactic reaction to one of the many medications I was taking to alleviate all of the other crap that was wrong with me.
ONE YEAR...without a visit to the ER, urgent care a MIRACLE. 
Tonight I sat at a table with 9 people who have taken care or supported me in some aspect over the past year.  For some...the last year was just one of many years of watching me struggle with illness!
Tonight...we met to plan a charity volleyball event that will celebrate health, wellness, etc. 
 It will be an event where I will play volleyball and at the very minimum will be 50 lbs lighter and Light years away from where I was a year ago! 
Thank God!  Really...Thank God. 

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