Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stop, Drop and Snore

Hello!  It has been a day of rest for me...a day to give the ole body a break.

Since I am beginning the cleanse in about 7 days...I did something I have not really been doing so much...I had a "planned splurge"!

The Fluffy Girl rolled up on a PANCAKE!!!  YUM!

I have really tried to avoid splurging or rewarding myself with food...given my full realization that I am a food addict!  So it was really a splurge to cave to the craving...however...I did not go crazy...just a pancake...I even scraped all the butter off! LOL!

After breakfast out...Tone Tone and I did a little shopping and then headed home for a scheduled Couch Coma!  I crashed...for 4 hours!! 
After such a busy week...I needed to just Stop...Drop and Snore!

So now...Tone Tone and I are at the movies...We are about to enter The Final Frontier...Star we come! 

Before I go, my friend Camille sent this to me today...I loved it and given my propensity to think I am terminally unique...this was the perfect plaque for me!  Thanks C!

Blessings today:

Controlled Splurges
An insanely comfortable couch
Occasional self awareness
3 day weekends

May God Bless all of you! 

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