Sunday, May 19, 2013

Staying Plugged In

Good Sunday to you...I do hope this day finds all of you enjoying your family, friends and some Peaceful moments to yourself.

I am making a point to get in my One On One time with God today...seeking guidance on how to turn over the management of what looks to be a very busy week, to God.  Looking for the courage and strength to follow His plan for this week.

I started my day in church.  It was a good service...good music, good company and a good message. But, something a little different happened.  Our Senior Pastor spoke first...the continuation of a year long series on The Essential Jesus.  After he finished his sermon of typical length, the youth pastor got up to deliver what he described as a "brief" message.  He commented immediately that he did not know that public speaking was really his goes.  I noticed as he began to became fairly clear that his definition of brief did not really match the congregation's general definition! 

Let the nervous squirming commence!! So funny to watch...grown humans wiggling like 3 year olds...At first, I felt nervous for him....I wanted to say...SAVE YOURSELF-DON'T RAMBLE! DON'T SAY "UM"...DON'T PAUSE TOO LONG....JUST DON'T!!

But something funny happened...I stopped "managing" and starting listening and guess what...I got something I needed to hear...eloquence, experience, evangelical wisdom...none of it mattered...the message was there for the taking. 

I am finding that this Journey is teaching me daily that Blessings, lessons, opportunities can and will come from any number of sources on any given day or any given  moment.  But, for me, there is only One Source of Power...a power that supplies those sources and provides those given days and given moments.

This young minister said the following (I am paraphrasing),

We get lost in the details...we spend our energy and our resources in the minutiae.
We lose contact with our power source...our source of strength.
He continues on to say that we have to make sure we stay connected and as a safety precaution...should make sure we have at least a couple of good "electricians" on our side!

Surrounding ourselves with good conduits of that power.

It did not take long on this journey for me to figure out...that I must stayed "plugged in" and that I must have good "electricians".

That is the key component to my way to Fight to Light!

I ask you today for a few super charged I find myself fighting hard against those things that keep me stuck and in the dark!

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