Friday, May 31, 2013

Follow The Leader

Ok...I have waited as late as possible to post today...Largely because my Weigh In sucked!!!  El Sucko Grande!!!!  I gained 2lbs this week and I have no idea why...I hiked, elliptilized myself, lifted is not like I am eating like a fiend!!!  NO! 

So...I have waited all day so that this blog post was not a profanity laced protest about how difficult it is to lose 120 lbs...

I met my friend Lindsey after work for a quick visit, Mom and I went out to dinner (I did not EAT my feelings), bought 2 new pair of running/training shoes, had a nice conversation with an Academy shoe salesperson...Debra!!!  Very friendly and told me to Go Get Em Girl!!!  After I whined to her about how hard it is to lose weight....

I had a nice conversation with sweet friend Stef...She told me not to get too caught up in the 2lb pound thing...We talked about our lives...both of which are jammed packed with opportunities to Let Go and Let God...and now here we are!  Lucky for you...I am too tired to whine, moan, protest, cuss or dissect today's weigh in!  I am fried! 

I have absolutely no idea what is next...except this:  I am starting The Cleanse on Monday....I will be training diligently for the big Sand Dune in Manhattan Beach.  I will be working on the Play It Forward Benefit and I will be praying...praying that I have the patience, courage and strength to Follow The Leader!

Before I go...I want to acknowledge that today was a difficult day in the City of Houston.  Four Houston Firefighters and First Responders lost their lives today battling a 5 alarm fire.  Having friends and family members that have served as Firefighters and law enforcement officers, I can only imagine the loss these families are experiencing tonight.  My prayers will be with the families, the fellow first responders and those that knew these four people personally.  May God Bless and Keep Them All!

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