Monday, May 20, 2013

Eat, Sleep, Work, Workout...

Well...I have survived the 1st day of a very busy week...I got to work WAY early, worked and then headed to the last practice of the volleyball season with my girls! 

I invited the parents to play the girls tonight in a friendly volleyball game...It was fun..the parents did a great job!!!! Now..we play our last game on Thursday!  I have again, enjoyed coaching and getting to make a few more sweet memories with my Emily.

After the volleyball practice, I was pretty clear that this Fluffy, 46-year old body was done for the night.  So Emily let me know that she thought I burned plenty of calories during our practice.  That is all I needed to hear! 

The rest of the week is incredibly full and as I said last week, it will be important that I maintain some reasonably healthy routine...sleep, eating right and making sure I get in my workouts!  I keep repeating these steps in my, sleep, work,, sleep, work and workout...

The Good News...all of the things that I have going on this week...are more opportunities to see God working on this Journey and in my life!...I am pumped that we are meeting this week to begin the big work of planning and executing a charity event.  This is something I have envisioned  for some time!  So the fact that I have committed to hosting this event and that I have a group of people willing to take the plunge with just one more blessing along this Journey!  Of course...I am nervous and want to make sure that I do both charities justice!!  Please keep this event and the planning/planners in your prayers!!!  We will need all the support we can get!

OF COURSE...I am still so excited at the possibility of meeting Kerri Walsh...I can promise you all will be fully sick of hearing me talk about it!!! But...I do not have any intentions of stopping..:)

I am pretty sure that Mom and I will be leaving for Cali July 5th!!! 

Speaking of Kerri Walsh...she posted the below on her FB page...I really love it and given some of my recent experiences along this Journey...It really fit for me to share with all of you!

I am learning that there are a lot of great lessons to be learned from my "broken bits"...the parts of me that are raw and vulnerable...are often the places where I learn the power of God's Love. 
Have a wonderful evening...

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