Thursday, May 23, 2013

Giving it a Good Try!!!

Hello!!!  So it is lunch time and I must post during this window of time as I have another super busy day and evening!! 

Tonight is my last night coaching as the spring volleyball season is ending!  I will miss the girls and know that I am going to need all the extra time I can get to work on the Play It Forward event. So I guess all good things must come to make room for more good things!!!

So our meeting last night was energetic!!  Wow...picture this...10 women/girls...ranging in age from 12 to 70 years...a few of us being hormonally impaired, most of us having no problem expressing our opinions...5 Moms, 1 teen, 1 pre-teen, 2 "youngsters" ( 30 and 24) and One Fluffy Girl.  Of these women...I have known 3 of them for 30+  years, one for 18 for 46 years (MOM)...I have known both kids since they were infants...and then there are my poor unsuspecting friends... that have been lured into this den of madness.  It was fun (for me)...charged, energetic, spirited conversation and we even made a few decisions! 

This event represents the culmination of 1 year of this Journey to transform my many ways...many ways that I never imagined.  I want this event to be planned in the same spirit that I have taken this Journey...surrounded by people that represent the good in my life and that are willing to sit next to me on the "roller coaster"!  These women and kids actually represent the full scope of my time on this earth...from birth to today!  All ages represented!  Though each may not know this (they will now)...each of them probably knows or has seen a side of me that I have only shared with them...not because I planned it that way...but because God did! 

So it was a somewhat surreal feeling to sit at a table of people that know so much about me collectively...But what a better way to plan an event that was inspired by such a personal often private journey.
  It is a unique opportunity for me to walk through the moments of discomfort, challenges and life changing decisions with a group of people who, as a group, know me as a friend, daughter, co-worker, aunt, goofball, drama queen, fluffy girl and future not so fluffy girl!  They have seen me happy, sad, sick, energized, overwhelmed, elated, stressed, driven, lost and found...

They have known me as a kid, as an adult who acts like a kid, as a leader, as a follower...they have seen my flaws, my triumphs, my anger, my fear...

They have seen me graduate from high school, college..they have heard me sing, they have seen me fail, they have witnessed my successes...they have walked with me through loss and celebrated with me in my accomplishments...They have seen me at work and at play and they ALL have been an important part of this Journey! 

So I am thinking that this is one helluva planning committee!!! 

We may not know exactly what we are doing be we are going to give it our best...We are going to give a good try!!!

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.'  Proverbs 16:3, NIV

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