Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Happy Tuesday to all...I hope today finds  you all Healthy and Happy. 

So...I am working on doing a few things differently this week as I said yesterday.  One of the things I am doing differently this week is RE-focusing on drinking more water...As I have discussed in this blog before...I have a Love/Hate relationship with WATER!

I LOVE to swim in it, boat on it,  sit by it in a lounge chair, watch and listen to it as its waves crash, fill balloons with it, water plants with it, watch it fall over the side of a mountain, get fish out of it, tube on it...BUT I DO NOT LIKE TO DRINK IT!!!


However, as I am sure you all know..there is no diet plan, nutritionist, human...that does not insist that drinking water is a key element in losing weight!  BLEEECK! 

BUT...I have long since given in to every one's insistence and have for the past 8 months, been drinking water...However, I might...just might....forget sometimes.  While I was doing the "cleanse"...I ONLY drank water and that was torture...at least in the world of a Fluffy Girl who once called Coca Cola---THE JUICE OF LIFE!

But...I have been slipping (instead of sipping) lately...not drinking much water...So...In an effort to continue the De-Fluffing of the Body and the Fluffing of the Attitude....I am willingly (as far as you know)...Drinking Water.  I will Drink Water Daily (D.W.D)....So there!

Blessings for Today:

  1. Seeing Honesty pay off
  2. Water :)
  3. Funny Friends
  4. The opportunity to do "life" differently
  5. Having Friends on their own Journey

Please keep Donna's niece Randa in your prayers as she battles Cancer.  Please keep my friends that have recently lost loved ones in your prayers. 

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