Saturday, May 4, 2013

Feeding the Craving

Hello to all..Good Saturday evening to you all.  Today has been a day to just hang out...I laid low...really couch low...until around 1:00 pm today!  Then...I threw on my workout cloths...fluffy girl style...and headed to walk.  Did about 2.6 miles and burned roughly 380 not too bad. 

Donna, Mom and I met to discuss the Play It Forward...Rally to Serve Event..we are planning what we need to plan..LOL!  Our "committee" is coming together and hopefully we will be in full swing shortly.  I am truly excited and a bit nervous about pulling this off but know that there will be many great gifts and lessons to learn! 


Tonight, Mom, Emily and I went to dinner so that the child's parents could have a night out!  I always enjoy hangin' with my girls! 

Here they are:


I actually had a slight splurge at dinner tonight..I have been totally craving a I had a turkey mayo, no cheese...with lettuce, tomato, and mushrooms...and I had some sweet potato fries...not completely healthy..but not the worst thing in the world...It was yummy and satisfied my craving! 

Every once in a while..I have to feed the craving...not too much....but just enough to keep it happy!!! I think that is one of the hardest things for me...I have surprisingly become adjusted to eating healthy and not having all the grease, cheese, know..the really tasty stuff!  But, I must admit that I do have to find reasonably healthy substitutes to satisfy those that I don't fall off the proverbial wagon! 

I also cannot fall into the trap of feeling guilty afterwards either...that just leads to trouble.  So tonight a good test..not the healthiest but certainly a departure from my unhealthy eating habits of 8 months ago!  No guilt! 

Before I go, I have a couple of things to volleyball girls lost in another close match last night!  Bless their hearts...I hate to see them disappointed!  They worked hard but just fell a little short! cousin sent me the following today via text...I considered it blog worthy immediately!  Given some of the roller coaster moments over the last several months...this thought is actually pretty applicable at times.  Pardon the off color language!

Tomorrow is a busy day...Here is to the next week in this Journey...I am feeling the need for a battle cry!!!

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