Monday, May 6, 2013

I am Transformed...Even on a Monday is a big way...I don't know if Monday's are really worse than any other day or if my attitude is just worse on Mondays...I am betting the latter is more likely true than the chance Monday is somehow an inferior day to all other days of the week.  Whatever the case..Today is a true Monday (as defined by me).

I am going to spare you all of the gore...but let's just say that it is a comfort food kind of day!  I am reminded of a song lyric

What a difference a day makes
24 little hours...

Yesterday...and the weekend...were good days...a victorious day!  I beat the cravings...I beat the temptation! Then with the setting and rising of the sun...BOOM...Monday is here and so the roller coaster starts!

This is one of those downward dip days on the roller coaster...the kind where it feels like my stomach is lodged in my teeth!  So...of course, my inclination today is to want to eat!  The good news is I am not (at least not badly), the bad that even 8 months into this Journey...a bumpy day can send me into the addiction...crap! 

I prayed all the way to work today...for strength, for courage...I made a point to pray for others...and mostly I prayed for God's Will in the lives of all of us. 

I think that if I read my blog from another's perspective...I might judge that I may have a few too many mood swings...LOL!  But the truth is that I have expressed my experience of life using the whole "roller coaster" analogy from early on in this process.  The ups and downs for me can change from day to day and sometimes from moment to moment.  Though it continues to be really uncomfortable for is in fact, how my experience along this particular part of my Journey has played. 

But there is one particular thing that has become consistent in the past 8 months...something that I can count on and something that if I stop and think about it...has been nothing but a blessing.  This is it.

Everyday, God is Transforming my life.  Everyday I am given the opportunity to do things accept changes with a mindset that life can be better...that I can be better. 

As I write this, I am listening to a sermon that I missed last Sunday by one of our associate pastors (Lynda Zelenka)...Yes...I can write AND listen to a sermon at the same time...I got skills!!! 

She says the following in a sermon about Jesus's transformation  of the "wee little man..the wee little man was he"...She said the following:

"Don’t timestamp people. Don’t look at someone and say,

“That’s who he is and that’s who he always will be.” With the grace of God, anyone can become completely different."

I am going to go out a limb and say that most of us have thought that about someone else..or even have thought it about ourselves...

Here is what I know...I have spent the last several years of my life unhealthy...really sick...stuck in the idea that "this is my life"and trying to think of ways I could "survive" my  life...not live it! 

In less than one year...the transformation that has taken place is quite unbelievable..I have gone from trying to "survive" to learning to "thrive"...It is not easy...It is amazing though. 

So today ain't so great...many of the same nagging things that I don't love about my life are still hanging around...but I am transformed and will be further transformed...By The Grace of God.

I joked earlier in this process about having a "mantra"...I think I have found a new one...I AM TRANSFORMED...Even on a Monday.


  1. Declining HOMEMADE ICE CREAM only are doing far better than GOOD!!!! Hang on babe.....A.C.

  2. Ok so Ronnie says have you or are you keeping everything you have written so far...he thinks you need to wrote a self help book. Says there are lord of people that could benefit from your journey. AND Sorry for the homemade ice-cream.  BA & RA