Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday

It has been a very exciting day in my Fluffy Girl world!
I started the day down another pound! 52 so far...68 to go! 

I got in to work early...traffic was not too bad!
I got a few supportive messages from friends...
I had on my favorite "skinny jeans" and settled in to what I had hoped would be a truly productive day!

Oh...but before I started my day...I sent my standard "tweet" to Kerri Walsh Jennings with my Friday weigh in AND I shared with her a mini-goal that I will doing in July!
You see, a few months ago...Kerri posted about a hill at Sand Dune park in Manhattan Beach, Cali.  She had a climbed this hill like 10x!  It is no small hill...I decided I wanted to give it a try as a part of my Journey!

So...I tweeted to Kerri my plan and she replied...I'M IN!
To which I replied...ARE YOU SERIOUS? Guess what? SHE IS SERIOUS!  Holy Toledo! I am going to meet Kerri Walsh! Are you kidding me!!

I have not stopped grinning!!!

This is yet another amazing blessing...I am dumfounded, excited, goofy excited...and inspired all over again!!

Happy Friday, People...HAPPY FRIDAY

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