Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Sand Dune Training Begins

Ahhhh...I am still smiling from yesterday!  What an amazing opportunity God has given me!  This entire Journey! Seriously...yesterday was just one more more reason to be inspired!

So in case you have not heard, I have a chance to meet the amazing Kerri Walsh Jennings in July and if all goes well, I will be able to look her in the eye and tell her what an amazing inspiration she is and how grateful this old, fluffy girl is that she has such a kind, giving spirit!

I Can't Wait!!

So I have officially begun my "training" to climb the big sand dune!! I did some serious Evil Elliptical incline training today!! I added 3 sets of leg presses at 180lb...bicep curls...chest presses...I was a MACHINE!

Mom and I toured Willowbrook Sports Complex today...where we will be hosting Play It Forward in August...GREAT facility and again, another amazing blessing that the facility has been donated for our event!!!

I needed this big dose of inspiration...this reminder that God will continue to open doors, shine a light on my path and show me how I can grow in His love!

See you tomorrow!

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