Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When I Reach The Place I'm Going

I am having a few physical struggles...It appears that I have some kind of abdominal muscle strain..or have injured an existing hernia...who knows...but whatever it is...I do not have time for it!!  :)

I am really working to stay very focused on the next 3.5 months...I want to make sure I stay on my food plan AND my fitness plan...However, just in case you don't know...the whole abdominal strain thing is not so pretty good!!! It is definitely slowing me down this week.

However, I did get my walk in last night...2 miles...2 miles closer to the finish line!  I was thinking how much I have walked over the last 7 months...I was going to try and calculate how far and make a list of all the cool places I could have walked to...however, I thought about the math and decided the best answer to that question was simply...a Long Damn Way!!! 

That is not even counting the time on the Evil Elliptical or the bike...The Fluffy Girl has been on the move. 

I have no idea how I injured myself...I just know that I am going to have to avoid lifting any weights for the next week or so...So I guess I'll just keep walking, riding and elliptilizing...who knows where I will end up!!

That reminds me of one of my favorite songs of all Wynonna.  Here are the lyrics!!!

When I reach the place I'm going?
I will surely know my way
And I will turn and look inside me
And bid farewell to one more day

Every light begins with darkness
Every flower is once a seed
And with the sun and wind to test us
We are bound to be released

And I will fly beyond this valley
I will open up the gate
And when I reach the place I'm going?
I will surely know my way

We have hands to hold our sorrow
And we have tears to heal the pain
And though your eyes ask many questions
On your lips I hear my name

And I was born without a whisper
And I was born beneath the rain
But when I reach the place I'm going?

I will surely know my way

I will surely know my way
And I will surely know my way

Despite the injury...I feel good about the next 3.5 months...I feel confident that if I keep pushing and I keep believing that All things are possible through Christ who gives me strength...I will reach the place I am going!!

Much love to all of you!!

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