Monday, May 13, 2013

Let Your Heart Be Light

It was a good Mother's Day weekend.  I got to celebrate Mother's Day WITH my Mom...I had several friends that were spending Mother's Day without their Mom's for the 1st time.  They were in my prayers and I know that all of them truly miss their Mom's.  I came across the below quote from Abraham Lincoln and thought I would share it.

So I am grateful.  I am working on my gratitude and my attitude!  I can become mired down in my own struggles and forget the good...I guess we all can...probably the difference for me lately is that I am writing about it EVERYDAY.  Despite my recent struggles with sharing on this level...being honest and "owning" what I am experiencing is not a bad thing.  The cool part continues to be the feedback I get...there is some serious wisdom coming my way.  I have to be grateful for that!!!  Normally, one has to pay a healthy sum for this level of expertise...:)

I did something fun yesterday...I sent personal text messages to many of my friends and family members to wish them Happy Mother's Day.  I have never done that before...I just felt compelled to acknowledge them...because I love them...because they are great Moms!  Because they mean something to me. 

So I have a few things I am going to make an effort to do differently this week. 
  • I am going back to making a daily blessings list
  • I am going to do something nice/thoughtful for someone daily
  • I am going to pray for the strength to EMBRACE my daily journey-Look for ways to learn and grow.
  • I am going to pray daily for the strength to trust God's plan
  • I am going to pray daily for the strength to not let my history dictate my future. 
  • I am going to do a different workout each day...some little variation to keep the fat burning! 

I have some work to do...physically, emotionally, spiritually...I also need to have some fun.  I can't be "weighed" down by my self-imposed deadlines, ideals and expectations.  This Journey is about finding the LIGHT...Lighten my load, Lighten my Heart, Shine a Light, Living in the Light...This Little Light of Mine...

The following was said to me in an email...specifically regarding my recent struggles.  This friend told me to hold my head up high.."and set about to conquer another day, focused on the things you have control over and you will accomplish so much!"

I believe that to be true...Despite my recently faith doubts, my fears...despite all of that...I Believe that I am STILL on a Journey that has a bigger purpose.  I STILL believe that I have it within me to accomplish this task. 

Blessings for Today:

  • Mom!
  • Heart warming message from my College roommate...that reminds me that distance does not diminish the power of friendship.
  • Message from Kerri Walsh...reminding me that people I don't even know are rooting for me...
  • A friend willing to take the time to walk with me through an uncomfortable moment of unexpected self doubt and big ole fat fear!!!
  • This song attached below.  Love it!  Give it a listen!!

I Believe-Chris August

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