Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Believe I can Do MORE!

O.M.G.  My body may be on full scale strike!!!  OK...so I accomplished a pretty big task yesterday and I am feeling it!!!

This is what it feels like I look like!!!

But...I did it...I walked 8+ miles and lived to tell the story!!!  Lord knows...I love to tell stories!!!  I figure by the end of the week..this hike will have gone from an 8 mile hike to at least a 10 or 12 mile hike...by the end of the month...we are talking Everest!!! 

So today...I have made a lot of strange, crying, whimpering noises every time I get up from my desk...pitiful really...you would be sad if you could hear me.  But...I have decided that the only way to combat muscle stiffness and pain is by working out!!!  Keep em lose!  So...I am getting ready to leave the office and will be heading to the gym. 

If you live within 10 miles of the Cypress Creek YMCA..do not be alarmed if you hear blood curdling screams ripping through the sky...it is just me on the Evil Elliptical!!! 

Short post tonight...Gotta get to the gym...I am going to push through the pain...remembering that I completed an 8 mile walk yesterday...and remembering that I have committed to climb a giant sand dune in July! 
Every time I accomplish something new...I believe I can do more! 

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