Thursday, May 30, 2013

Can I Get An Amen

Hi...It has been a really busy, workout, making plans for our trip to Cali.

So much to do! So many new adventures ahead.

Kerri Walsh was kind enough to let me know what days work for her and we had a "twitterrsation" fun!  Seriously...please hear me say...she is an absolutely amazing human being and I am so completely sure that meeting her will be a blessing of epic proportions!! :)

I am exhausted tonight...excited about my trip, with tired muscles from my workout.  I have not even been home yet this evening...but I could not feel more confident that despite the ups and downs...the seemingly molasses like pace of my weight loss amidst my admitted Faith Fallout moments...I am on an Amazing, God Driven, Butt Kicking, Eye Opening, Life Affirming Journey........And I Will Be The Better For Having Taken This Road!


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