Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Evict the Renters...Focus on the Landlord

Hi...As I sit to write this...I must confess that I am REALLY angry.  I am confessing that so that I do not take advantage of you as readers and just spew my anger all over these pages before I have actually taken the time to step back...pray...breathe...pray again and then write.  Instead...due to time constraints and the desire to let go of this and move on...I am writing at lunch and not waiting until later today to post. 

However, I did pray before I began typing!  The truth is...I am lousy at times of keeping other people's stuff out of my head.  The reason I am angry is work related and NOT important when I consider the larger Journey I am on and the fact that I most definitely know that "This too Shall Pass".

Instead...I have let this get into my brain and all of the self doubt that I battle with gets lit up like a firecracker!  So...here is another opportunity for me to gather myself, pray for strength, pray for perspective and do the following!

I am reading a book recommended by a friend.  It is called Emotionally Healthy Spiritually by Peter Scazzero.  Without getting into a full explanation about the book...for now, I am just going to quote something he said in the book...in context to his life as a Christian.  It applies to me as well...different circumstances...same problem.  If I am honest...this is something I do WAY too often. 
He says, "My life was lived more out of reaction to what other people did or might do or what they thought or might think about me."
He goes on to tie in the above statement contextually to his experience...However, I am taking it somewhat out of context and applying it to what I know about myself.  What I know is destructive and can cause stagnation for me in daily life, work life and relationships...and certainly to a weight loss journey...negative reactions, supposition, assumption and prognostication...all based on OTHER people's reality.  I have been known to let people rent space in my head...people's criticism, doubts, judgements...that  are not true for me.  However, instead of blaming it on other people...I must accept responsibility for my part in that behavior. 
If I can learn to keep my focus on my relationship to God...evict the renters and focus on the Landlord...many of the stresses in my life would greatly diminish.  I might even shed a few extra pounds if you consider that many "experts" believe that stress causes weight gain!!!
So there...nuff said about that today!
So...NEWSFLASH...I got up and worked out BEFORE work...I have not done that in a while and it was a good thing...Like I must keep saying...I have to stay focused on the prize...I have to maintain a healthy regimen...Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually!!!
Have a Blessed rest of the day!!!

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