Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life is Precious

Hello...I am having a late lunch...sitting quietly...thinking about life.

LIFE...a word that is used many different contexts...we use phrases like "get a life", "enjoy life" "life's work", "livin the life", "life is good", "life is like a box of chocolates"...
But today I was reminded of one particular phrase..."Life is Precious"

I sat in a chapel the funeral of the husband of one of my former teachers and now my friend.  She lost her husband suddenly on Monday and today he was laid to rest. 

In that very short time, her life changed dramatically.  I'm  sure I could not even begin to speculate how she must feel...I can only  imagine. 

This chapel/funeral home I was in today is a place that I am all too familiar with....the place where I have experienced the loss of my grandmother, my cousin Kay, mothers and fathers of close friends, brothers and sisters of friends and several others.   Quite frankly, it is a place that I dread going in is a place filled with painful memories...I have sung in this place, spoken of the painful loss of my younger cousin in this place, cried in this place, consoled others in this place and have been consoled by many in this same place.

Always though I leave with the following phrase on my mind and in my heart...Life Is Precious!

I love life...the word and the act of living it!  It is a gift...a gift that has been given by God...that we get to share with others for as long as we are on this earth and one of the most amazing by-products of life is Love.

At every funeral/viewing I have been to in this dreaded place...Love is always present...God's Love, the Love of family, friends...all present at the loss of life.  Love lives well beyond physical life...

I am taking this Journey to create a better, healthier life for myself.  But I hope...My Hope... is that this life...serves as a reminder of how precious the gift of Life really is and how important it is to share that gift with others.

All my love, Jaime

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