Friday, May 24, 2013

The Cleanse Part Deaux

I MADE IT...Or at least sort of!!!  This has been one action packed week and I am some kind of whooped!!! 

BUT...I got through it without too much permanent damage ;)!  So this week has been rewarding, tiring, fun, exciting, busy, productive and now IT IS OVER!!!  Here is what it looked like:

  1. Monday---Up early for a meeting,worked, Volleyball practice (last one of the season) complete with parents vs. kids game!!! 
  2. Tuesday---Up early to workout, Emily's final band concert of her 6th grade year, dinner with friends!
  3. Wednesday---Planning meeting for Play It Forward Event...LOVED IT...No workout...late night
  4. Thursday---UP early, Last Volleyball game of the season, VB team party afterwards...Girls fought hard and did their best...I am proud of them.  Left work early...feeling sick...almost slept through VB game...But the Fluffy Girl overcame and a good time was had!
  5. Friday...Work...Worked on benefit stuff at lunch...Dinner with a friend tonight...
New Week Begins...THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!
  1. SATURDAY--Couch Coma!!!!
  2. SUNDAY---MORE RELAXING-Workout, etc...
  3. MONDAY-HOLIDAY...Hiking with the youngsters...Stephen and Kristen! 

Today was a weigh in...Still at 52lbs...but "The  Cleanse Part Deaux" starts June 1st!  I remember dreading it the first time around..or at least "worrying" about it and NOW...I am ready...Bring IT!!!  I am ready to kick start this weight loss again and I truly felt so much better after I completed it the first time around.  I continue to be baffled at why things are so slow...but I just keep repeating to myself...In God's Time.  I am still working hard...eating better than I ever have and my INSPIRATION is completely renewed!!!  So I am ready for the cleanse...I am even excited about it!!!

My trip to Cali in July, the event in August...Inspiration is all around!

My precious friend Stef gave me this after our planning meeting on Wed.

It is a devotional "holder"...So today, I read the devotional and this is what it said:
I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people.  How amazing are the deeds of the Lord!  All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2
On the back of the card it says this:
Have you ever thought about what an incredible gift God gives you through the people He places in your life?  He Blesses us with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Each person brings unique insights to us.  He works through them to help us become the kind of person He wants us to be.  It's amazing to watch Him accomplish His will in our life as we talk, laugh, serve, and encourage each other.  And, it's exciting to see how He uses us in the lives of other people as we journey through life together. 
I think about this all the time...nothing could be truer for me and if I did not know before...I certainly know now what blessings the people in my life  bring to me on a daily basis! 
This was a perfect sentiment for me. 
So...I have work to do...I  have weight to lose, knowledge to gain, events to plan, a cleanse to complete, a heart to share and a faith to grow!!!
I am Blessed! 
Here a couple of other fun Blessings from this week:

My sweet pea playing her bass clarinet!!!

Emily's artistic rendering of our Volleyball Team...The Fierce Hornets...and please note that I have a "pony tail" in the drawing...SWEET!!!

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