Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lighten My Load

Happy Hump Day!!!  I am off a little this week...I guess the Monday holiday has thrown me off of my axis a bit...I cannot quite seem to get in the groove!

So I went to the gym last night and did 2 miles on the Evil Elliptical...the longest 2 miles in the history of mankind...OK....maybe not...but I am still feeling the burn of the 8 (million) mile hike!! 

I seriously cannot get out of a chair, off the couch...out of the shower...etc...without making some kind of pitiful utterance!!  It is hilarious!

I am however, taking a night off tonight!  I am having dinner with my friend Mary and there will be no working out.  These 46 year old legs and feet need a recuperation night!  I will be back at it on Thursday though! 

So I have a confession...they say confession is good for the soul...whoever "they" are probably never tried to lose 120lbs and write about it everyday...but here goes! 

I am feeling stuck!!!  As noted in my weekly weigh ins...the weight is not falling off of me and I am struggling a bit with my food...not so much my choices of food ( I am not really eating anything horrible..though I have certainly incorporated a few things back into my diet that I had completely let go of after the 1st cleanse). 

Truthfully, I am not exactly sure what is going on and here is the next part of the being stuck story...I am tired of thinking about it!  That is part of the battle for me!!!  Even after 9 months of slowly changing my eating habits and lifestyle...It still does not feel completely natural for me and being different requires some strong discipline on my part.  Some rigidity...a characteristic that I am really not comfortable myself or others...for that matter!  

 Several months ago, I told you guys that Kerri Walsh had written to me about plateaus and  how plateaus provide the time needed for changes to become habits...a time to learn how to make these changes permanent. 

I am trying to re-frame my stuck feelings and consider this pace...the pace of the Journey I am the "right" pace for today and accept it as the "right" pace for me.  That has been a challenge for me.  I have a difficult time not incorporating the onslaught of information available out there...T.V. shows, news articles, Internet stories, other everyday people in my daily life that have their own experiences and knowledge to share....I am trying to remember that though there are many other people out there doing the same thing I am doing...trying to lose weight, get healthy and grow as a person, the way in which I do it...the way in which I reach my goal will be uniquely mine.

Not to say that I will not have like experiences and things to learn from those who have gone before me...I just cannot get caught in the "right or wrong" trap...The part of me that tells me that I must be doing something incorrectly or otherwise I would be farther along in my weight loss!!!

So to try to tie this up for bring it to a point that summarizes what I am feeling today..I feel as if I could be doing this better...but am aware that I cannot let myself get caught in the trap that I am doing it wrong!  I have to pray for the acceptance of the fact that this will take as long as it takes...I, however, must keep moving forward.  Persistence has and will continue to pay off. 

I have to be willing to ask for help, to realize that any major life change takes a to speak...and I am lousy when I isolate!  I must be open to God's plan and let go of the giant clock ticking in my head and TRUST...Trust God's timing. 

I have to keep my perspective...ONE DAY AT A TIME.

I have to be willing to rise above these challenges of Faith and Fortitude and know that I am truly capable of living life fully.

I have to remember that there is no Perfect path...there will be obstacles...

So one thing I have learned along the way...I have to tell the truth...I have to face the music and own up to the things that keep me from succeeding...the things that "weigh" me down.  I started this blog for accountability...I need to be held accountable.  I need the support and I need to tell my truth along this Journey.  I need to lighten my load! 

So here is a little something on the "lighter side"

Here are a few more pics from the hike on Monday!





  1. Great post, Jaime. I like the quote about plateaus being adjustment time.

  2. Thank you so much! I truly love that quote too...I need for that to be true!!! Have a great day!