Thursday, May 16, 2013

Safely in my Heart

Today was super busy and the Fluffy Girl is TIRED!

But today was a good day in several different ways.  First, my Sweet Pea (Emily) made the Honor Roll!! I drove like a crazy woman to get to the awards presentation...I got there 3 people before she got her award...Phew!!
So very proud of her...I am fully involved in deep denial about how quickly she is growing up.  She fills my heart and I am beyond blessed to have her in my daily life!

After the awards ceremony, we went to dinner...several of us...Being around different people is rejuvenating!

After dinner, I walked 1.5 miles...not some fierce workout...but I stuck to my plan to get in a workout Mon-Thurs.  Last night I did a rowing machine/evil elliptical combo...that rowing machine is the devil!

Today I had an email conversation that really challenged me to a good way.  It was a conversation that encouraged me to be a better take another step along this Journey that encompasses my physical, spiritual and emotional health.
But there was something different about this was personal, something that I know that I am suppose to actually live and not over analyze or overstate...which, as most of you know, is highly unusual for me! 

Some things are actually  best if lived...practiced and demonstrated in our daily lives...instead of quoted or written...explained.  For me, some things are best kept in my heart than displayed in a blog. 

Tomorrow is another weigh in and I feel nervous!  Just needed to say that out loud!

Today's blessings include a fabulous 12 year old...a great dinner conversation, a chance to move in a positive direction and a special conversation that though it is blog worthy...will be kept safely in my heart.

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