Friday, July 12, 2013

Back to Life...Back to Reality

Hi all...I am home from California and as I was sitting on the plane tonight..The Captain announced "Ladies and Gentlemen, We are making our final descent into Houston, Texas" and the thought that ran through my mind was "Back to Life...Back to Reality"....I began to cry!  Yep...I am afraid so...still crying...but don't be too alarmed...I also teared up during an episode of Mike and Molly on the plane tonight...Actually...maybe I should be alarmed!!!

Seriously though...I really do think that, although uncomfortable for me to admit, all of these emotions I am feeling are pretty normal considering that as I move, grow and stretch outside of my physical and emotional comfort zones...there are going to be growing pains, unbridled joy, confusion, etc...all with a side of hormones!  As I choose to live differently...ALL of the layers of fluff that I shed reveal one more facet of who I am and Who God wants me to be...and frankly, I am not always a confident "changer"! 

This week has been surreal...I met Kerri, I completed a difficult physical challenge, I maintained my healthy diet and I stayed physically active during my vacation...I LOST WEIGHT on my vacation!  Yes...I have finally weighed in after taking an extended break...a needed break!

I have now LOST 60lbs!!!  I am officially halfway to my goal of 120lbs!  It feels good...I must admit...It feels like I have lost 60lbs and I can surely lose another 60...I have done it before!!!

So...back to the plane...So there I sit...thinking Back to Life...Back to Reality...weepy, slightly pitiful and fully tuned in to the fact that I might need to get it together!!!

So...I prayed...I prayed to God that I could remember that I am on a Journey that has been a progressive, at times tedious, but mostly wondrous trip!  I prayed for the strength to remember that despite the fact that not every question has been answered and not every goal has been met...So great!!!! 

I thought about that phrase...Back to Life...Back to Reality and what it implies for me...It implies that this last week was somehow not Regular life...Not my life...That I did not accomplish the things I mentioned above...that I did not have an absolutely life changing moment...that my mind was NOT blown away by the enormity of God's Grace!  Then I thought...ALL of that Did happen and it was a part of my life!  My regular life.  That IS reality!!!  I am right smack in the middle of reality...the reality of an opportunity to embrace the idea that though my life is far from perfect...I am, with God's help, living my life full on...taking responsibility for being a better person, a healthier person, a person who is NOT afraid to admit that she almost cried during a Mike and Molly episode (in print).

Here is reality...I have the ability to change any part of my life that I want to...Through Christ...I can do ALL things...I just have to trust, to believe, to be willing to work and to know that I cannot do it alone! 

So I am going to trust this the the my experiences and most importantly Believe that everything that I am living has a higher purpose...beyond my earthly wishes...that I, with God's help..will make a worthwhile contribution to this planet!  I want to live a life of Kindness...I have some great inspiration!!!

So I am Back to Life...Back to Reality...the reality that I have in my life,  a daily opportunity to be kinder, more loving, happier and healthier!!!

Goodnight and Good Luck and April are having a fine start!!! I am cheering you on!!! 


  1. All I can say is you inspire me. I cry all the time. Not so much that anyone knows... But what can we say... We are a blubbery group. What a fun time you have had. Loved reading about it. Love you... Barb

    1. I am not officially a full fledged member of the blubbery group...I may even be in the running for El Presidente!!!

  2. You are now OFFICIALLY over the hill :) And what a cool way to celebrate by climbing one!