Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never Say Never

Today was a big day...bigger than I knew it would be...at least for me! 

Today I had a Dr.'s appt.  An appt. to discuss my most recent blood work, meds, etc...

So the last time (4 months ago) my Blood Glucose Average (A1C) was 6.3...a significant improvement and a milestone along this Journey to a healthier me...

Today...is was even lower at 6.1 and puts me within a normal range!  She officially stopped my insulin (though I have not had any in months) and she reduced my oral medication by 50% (only 5 mg daily). 

Also...My blood pressure was a bit low in the Dr. office today...so she officially reduced my BP meds by 50 percent.  Can I get an AMEN!!!

This feels like a big step in a much healthier direction.  All of those changes in 11 MONTHS! 

I am feeling like I have taken another step in overcoming the part of me that thought it would be virtually impossible to reverse the direction I was heading!! 

Like I said a couple of days ago...I still have health issues to take on and have been told there is no cure..BUT...God has no limitations...therefore, neither do I...I just have to truly believe that...to the very depth of my soul! 

Kerri posted the following quote on Twitter recently...I really liked it!

"Father, help me to never be afraid to pray for the impossible"

Over the course of several years, I have found myself praying for better health...praying that I don't spend the rest of my life...however long that is...depending on medications, doctors, etc... even though those can be a source of miracles and have certainly saved my life... I have prayed for a life free of that kind of burden.
I have prayed often for what felt like the impossible.  I believed it was impossible.  My path had been determined and I was NOT ABLE to make the changes needed.

But here I am...Living in the impossible daily!!!  I put limitations on God...by thinking I could NEVER...

Never say Never...

So today is celebration of the Impossible...with a whole world of possibilities yet to be seen!!!

Thank you ALL for your amazing support...for loving me through every step of the way...Thank you for those that have seen my worst and did not give up!!!  You guys deserve Gold Medals of your own!!!

And of course...thanks to my Six Feet of Inspiration!!  YOU ARE RAD!!!!


  1. How WONDERFUL is this great accomplishment..woo hoo!barb & Ronnie