Sunday, July 14, 2013

In the Light of God-Waiting to Shine (Notes for Kerri)

As I approach the beginning of another week on this Journey and after having some time alone to take in all of what is happening in my life...I have learned a few things...maybe not all new things...but certainly on a deeper level.  As most of you know..I have been back on a roller coaster...from the top of the those low valley moments where I am confronted by the those things that keep me stuck. 

It has been amazing...really!  Even with the difficult past few days.  I look at this way.  God provided an opportunity for me to feel the feel strong, in the middle of weakness, to feel loved at a time of vulnerability, to feel empowered when I felt powerless.  He has provided great light that has seen me through a bit of darkness. He provided just what I need to see myself through a tough physical challenge, a powerful emotional moment and even a time of grief...all in 7 days.

The Life of a Fluffy Girl...a fluffy, middle-aged, funny (if I do say so myself), hard headed, competitive, loving, honest, confused, emotional, willing, inspired, faith seeking, faith finding girl..that has decided at this time in my grab on to what the future might hold instead of clinging to the past..Letting go is hard...I really don't know why...but it is...

A fluffy girl who at 46, is re-learning some behaviors, trying to overcome a big obstacle and learning to accept the kindness, goodness and the love of those around me...drowning out my own self defeating, critical voice that says I just don't have what it takes! 

A fluffy girl who truly believes,but has a hard time accepting, that God has BIG plans for me!  Who believes it is not too late and that the events of last week proved I have an amazing future ahead! 

I have received so many amazing words of support and some many lovely thoughts about reaching the top of the DUNE!!!  I love that fact that my friends and family appreciate and acknowledge the kindness shown to me my Kerri Walsh Jennings and her family.  I hope you will follow her her, keep her and her precious family in your daily prayers and let her know that she has tons of love from all of us! 

I decided to share just a few of the wonderful comments I received last week..about my trip to Cali, about my crazy journey and about my friend, Kerri!

You're limitless!-Lisa

Kerri Walsh, I loved watching you in the Olympics but loved more seeing you support Jaime. How heartwarming it is to see others caring enough to take the time to just be encouraging. ♡♡♡-Sharlene

(written about Kerri's note to me) Beautifully written and so very true. I am truly amazed and proud of you and your undying commitment to this journey. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you.~ Donna

SO cool, Jaime! You and Kerri are ROCK STARS!~ Blake-Leigh

Your journey has just begun! What an awesome person... Kerri rocks... My friends thought this awesome! Proud of you and I was a fan of kerri's before ... Now I really am!
Love ya girl! Thanks for sharing the pics... They were awesome. ~Kathy

Did you ever dream in the beginning where this would be? How great was that experience. She is a special lady. Just like you. -Barbara

This one made me laugh...I am sure Kerri will think it funny too!!!
Super happy for my friend Jaime Patteson as she not only continues to publish her progress towards improved health and encouragement to others, but Kerri Walsh (mega volleyball champion) got to meet Jaime in California! ;)
Check out Jaime's blog and the charity volleyball game she is setting up in Houston in August. Jamie, love you and your great energy!! Keep on truck'n! ~Howard

Thanks so much for sharing all of these pictures and your comments on your blog. It is so uplifting to see such good and positive things in the world. It is just a reminder that they happen every day. And people, overall, are good. ~Kathy M.

I just love her (Kerri)! This is so cool!~ Meredith

Happy you finally met her and she you! That Dune looked painful

What a great story and how inspirational that someone so known and busy would take the time!! ~Renee

No way!! You have manifested your dreams girl!! ~ Michelle

This is my precious friend Brigette and her daughter Jillian...

How awesome is that Jaime Patteson! Loved seeing your pics with Kerri...Brady thought it was so cool that you met someone we watched in the Olympics! Her inspiring words were so great to read:) ~Ali

Awesome and every word she says about you is so true! So glad you got to meet one of your heroes on your journey! ~ Peggy

Incredible and well deserved. This goes to show that everyday people are super heroes...well done. ~MISTY

Jaime you are an awesome woman with an infectious smile! You absolutely can do this as you rely on God's power and grace! To Him be the glory. ~tini

I received this message from a dear friend..It really is so special to me.  This was written about Kerri and her words.

Every time I think about the time she took I just say...She really is an angel! I just can't believe it..And it has been such an inspiration and a blessing that I believe that this is just the beginning for miracles to come for you! Your progress, I believe, will skyrocket!  This is just what the Dr. ordered. I just stutter and stammer when I talk about what she did and that she, someone famous got to meet an unbelievable person and friend. You inspired her without a doubt!! This is all truly a gift!!!! I am so glad she put into words how cool you are...and I just smile, thinking you are healthy now and going to do great things.  I used to worry about you...But since this challenge, I know you are going to be okay!  I am so grateful!

I got lots of "awesomes" and "wows" and not one person failed to say how impressed and touched they were by Kerri! 

So...those are only a small sampling of all the love!!!  But, please know that every word...from everyone who took the time to let me know they were cheering me on, to congratulate remind me that I am on God's path and to praise the actions of the unbelievable Kerri Walsh...THANK YOU>>>from the very bottom of my fluffy heart!  You inspire me, encourage me, and keep me on my feet!

And again to Kerri...there really are no words...though I am doing my dangdest to use as many as I can think of...LOL!!!  You rock!  Completely...Though 12 years my junior...I don't think I have met a wiser person!  I am pretty sure that I am overstating the obvious...but I am forever grateful to you!  You have no idea! You will continue to inspire me...that is one thing I am sure of...and as I have said to you (hopefully not too much) are in my heart!  I look forward to seeing you again...maybe even playing a little volleyball ( you have to be on my team tho!)...:) 

SO...Here we are...rapidly approaching the end of Year 1...I have a lot of work to do...60 more pounds to lose, a charity event to host, new mini-goals to achieve, more love to share, and I am betting a few more roller coaster rides to take!  I don't know how the rest of this Journey will play out...but I am reaching for a bright future.  I am reaching for some big dreams...some known...some unknown...this thought popped in to my may be a tad corny...but I like it!

Here I am in the Light of God...Waiting to Shine!!! 


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