Saturday, July 27, 2013


Good Sat. evening...It has been a good day!  Full day of baseball games and family...2 of my favorite things...My twin cousins...Wesley and Wilson..."The Men"...played within an 1.5 hr drive for I was there....
They won both games...Beast!  I got to hang out with my sweet Aunt Bobbie..Uncle cousin Julie (JU JU) and my Carter...(C.B.)

I love these people...great hearts, lots of love and we do some laughing...Big Love for that!

PLUS...MY EMILY IS HOME! I got to see her this AM!  3 weeks is too long to be away from her....

Today was another reminder of how much God has graced my life...and a reminder of how much different my life much bigger and better...

On this day I worked out, spent a little time with Donna and Em, showered, made a good luck sign and took pics for Kerri's match today (sent to her), ate a healthy lunch, drove to Brenham, watched 2 baseball games, laughed with my family, had dinner with them, am at Starbucks, groceries, and home....AND I FEEL GOOD...NANANANAAA!


Here r a few pics!

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