Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Rally to Serve

This is our new flyer...Thank to Jan Stephenson for designing the graphics for us and thanks to my pal Donna for taking care of ALL of the printing!!!  Very Cool!
 So...Lindsey is setting up a PayPal button on our Facebook page:
It should be set up within the next 48 hours...I will be able to provide more details soon!!!
This event planning is in full gear...and we will be needing a few volunteers to help us monitor the silent auction, take tickets, help with volleyball officiating, etc...If you feel moved to volunteer...we would LOVE it!!!
You can contact me at:
You know...when we named this event, we wanted it to reflect a higher purpose...and still be fun!!  I particularly feel strongly about the Rally to Serve part...
Yes..."Serve" and "Rally" are both a clever little play on Volleyball terms...but really...This whole Journey is about Rallying...and for me about Serving...Serving God's Purpose, Serving those in my community and Serving those that have inspired me along the way!!!  AND as a bonus...I get to be healthier and have spent this last year "rallying" back from illness!!  So this is MY Rally to SERVE and I hope it will be something you are willing to be a part of in any way you can. 
I believe that I have a responsibility to my community to make it the best I can...regardless of personal differences, socioeconomic differences...political name it!!!  We can take this opportunity to show our kids and teach our kids that Goodness is ALL around them!!!  We can be an Example...We can talk the talk and walk the Walk!!! 
I am proud of my family, extended family and friends...I am proud that we are the kind of people that will step up and try to make a difference and I have been inspired by others that do so on a daily basis!!!
So I really do hope you will join us...I think it will be great fun and a great time to reconnect, laugh, play and make a difference!!!

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  1. Man, I'm glad "RallyToDig" was already taken. ;)

    You are making a difference in lots of ways already, well before the actual event. I can only imagine what affect you will have during/after the event. Looking forward to being there ... and playing!! (There will be a team for old, out of shape, bald dudes, right?)

    Have a great weekend and keep up the amazing effort.