Friday, July 19, 2013

From the INside-OUT

So...I decided to Weigh in Today...I have now officially lost 64lbs!  It has been 11 months (and 2 days)...since I started this Journey! 

I was thinking about that last night...IT HAS ALREADY BEEN 11 MONTHS!  Unbelievable really! 

I can actually still remember how I felt the very first morning I put on my new Nike trainers and headed to the park at 6:00 AM to meet Donna and walk my 1st mile of this Journey!

I remember telling my Mom and my closest friends about this crazy idea I had..and trying to explain how my middle aged, sick, tired self had been suddenly and profoundly inspired by the Olympics and specifically by, two tall, young, amazing, beach volleyball players!  Kinda Hilarious!!!

I remember what I looked like after my 1st 3 mile walk...GIANT TOMATO!!!

So many 1st 5K and my awesome co-workers and friends that joined me...AND I did not finish last!!! 

Each step of this Journey has taught me something...something about me, something about others, it has taught me what a crutch food is for me..It has taught that without that crutch...I may fall on my butt...but I can get back up and move forward. 

One of the things that I said along this Journey is "There should be a warning label attached to the weight loss process"

Still very true for me...I think.  Though if I am being perfectly honest, if I had known ALL of the experiences I was going to have...I may have been less likely to propel myself off the couch and out of the doldrums.  I would hope I would have still taken this path...regardless is the best thing I have ever done!  Warts and ALL!!

As the Journey has unfolded, my experiences have become more and more...overwhelmingly health has life is changing...I have grown up (yes, even though I am 46)...I have had to "stretch" outside of my comfort zone almost daily, I have laughed and cried...a lot, I have overcome some physical challenges and I have failed at some too!

 I have lost and gained and lost and many ways.

I have deepened my relationship with God and I have seen Him work in my life in ways that I did not know were possible and through so many different avenues.  I have literally been taken by the hand and led down this path and it has touched my heart deeply.

So for those of you that regularly probably know that I have recently struggled with some of the more emotional pieces of this Journey.  Again...I must stress that for me, losing weight has forced me to see parts of my life that were previously placated by food...that may sound weird...but for me, it is the most true statement I can make about this Journey. 
Not having my crutch has given me the opportunity to see life in a different light...or some cases..not much light at all. 

After my recent trip to California...I have had some pretty big feelings and I have spent quite a bit of time and energy trying to find words that would most accurately depict what that experience was like for me...and in some ways... I have been completely unsuccessful. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with someone yesterday...someone that has been a part of my life for a long time and someone that I have shared lots of words, thoughts and feelings with..someone who has listened to me utilize just about every word in the dictionary to describe my thoughts and feelings...and trust me...I can use some WORDAGE!!! 

As I was talking with her...trying to really capture my experience in words...I realized that I just don't really have the words...You strange as this may sound (or not)...what happened on my trip to California..the symbolism of climbing that Sand Dune and how that happened...well it appears that it is between God and I!  I SO want to have the words to share it...but they just seem so inadequate!  I keep trying though!

I believe that God works through our lives to impact others lives...I believe that we all are capable of being that Conduit for God's Grace that I have spoken of throughout this last couple of weeks.  I believe while I was on that Hill...God chose to provide me with an opportunity to see His Grace through the actions of another person.  It was so inspiring and moving that I am forever changed. 

Someone asked me what I mean when I say my life has changed. My answer:  I don't know yet...but I just know it has been changed.  From the inside-out!

I do know one thing...I have suddenly begun to lose weight again...hmmmmm!!!!

So...going with the whole "From the INside-OUT idea...I want to share what is happening to me on the inside...with those on the Outside...

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