Friday, July 5, 2013

California Here I AM!!!

California Here I COME...Actually California Here I AM!!!!  Tone Tone and I arrived here at 8:30 Cali time and are very happy to be here!

We have not been here in about 6 it is nice to be back.  Our flight was good...with just a few bumps over Tucson!!

So,...tomorrow is the big is confirmed...Kerri and I will be meeting at the Dune tomorrow around Noon!  So if you are not busy...please say a prayer that this experience is just one more amazing step on this path God has chosen for me.

I am so a kid!  I told my Mom (i think) that meeting Kerri will be the like getting the chance to sing a duet with Bonnie Raitt...the fulfillment of a seemingly impossible or incredibly unlikely dream!!

I said early on in this Journey...after Kerri had already been so incredibly supportive of me...a complete stranger, that getting the opportunity to thank her to her face would be a dream come true...Well...I am going to seize the opportunity tomorrow.

I even went as far as to write it down so that I can actually hand it to her!!!  But I will be looking her in the eye and thanking her...for the inspiration, the unexpected joy I get from my exchanges with her and the opportunity to meet a truly extraordinary person...not just because she has won 3 Gold medals...but because of her amazing heart.

Our time together will be brief and I plan to absolutely cherish every moment!!

But here is something really cool....I have a whole bushel of people in my life that deserve a look-you-in-the-eye thank you for all of the support, love and encouragement they have given me along this Journey...they are all exceptional, kind, brilliant, faithful and gratefully most of them love to laugh!  Again, I am blessed!!! I excited, ready for the physical challenge and ready to fulfill a dream.

The rest of the week will be filled with great memory making with my family and I might even get to see my sweet college roommate Marian as a bonus!

Here's to dreaming big...working hard and to the "air conditioned" air of sunny California!!!

Good night!!!

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