Monday, July 29, 2013


Another Monday....I decided to make another attempt to start this Monday with a better attitude...or at the very minimum to consciously acknowledge that Monday's are still days on which blessings can happen!!!

So I found this quote...

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." ~Marcus Aurellius

I read it several times..sent it to a friend...and then read it one more time.  Pretty straight forward..yet can be so complicated on a Monday.  However...I must remember that if I choose to give Monday up as a lost cause of a day...I lose time precious time on this Journey...Do I really want to do that???

What if I lose my 120th pound on a could happen!!! What if I miss a God moment...would I choose to do that by dismissing those 24 hours in a Monday!!! 

What if I miss meeting a new friend or hugging a loved one...because I "sat out" on a Monday!!!

This train of thought has continued in my head all between working, working on Play It Forward...Would I really "give up" a whole. 

Here is what I arrived is about how I choose to I choose to see life...It is about my attitude...

I am working really hard to reverse the destructive path I was treading add days, hours to my improve the quality of my life and to leave something worth having behind when my time here is done!  So why would I give up on any day...even a Monday...

As I have said in many posts throughout this blog...My biggest opponent on this biggest detractor from reaching my goal...are my own self defeating thoughts...I have to consistently to rise above the parts of me that says this is impossible...or that I am somehow not "doing it right"...

Monday is one more day to overcome a challenge, to touch a life, to be touched by God, to reach a goal, to laugh, to feel, to love and another precious 24 hours to learn what I CAN do and to practice a new voice and a new thought!!!

So what has to change about Mondays...ME!!!  That's all...LOL!!!

I CAN DO IT THOUGH...I will...with God's Help!!!

OK...Volleyball Registration is OPEN...Tickets for Play It Forward Rally to Serve are for SALE!!! 

  $5.00 for Admission/Lunch (includes a BBQ sandwich and chips) 

$15.00 to play Volleyball (includes T-Shirt). 

Saturday, August 24th, 2013  1:00 PM

See our Facebook Page at Play It Forward-Rally To Serve



We NEED your help to make this event a success!!!  Thank you in advance!!!


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  1. Jaime Ronnie & I have a wedding in Dallas wouldn't you know. We Might' can make it back but cant promise. We will make a donation for sure. I HATE. That we have a conflict after all this. It will be a huge success - that I know. Barbara