Thursday, July 25, 2013

Seeking Sleep

Life is busy..tons of exciting things going on..and last night...I decided to play a little sand volleyball!

For those of you that read  know that I played sand volleyball for the 1st time in the last month or last night was my 2nd time and again, I LOVED IT. 

It is good solid workout and fun...I lose track of time and am always tired when we finish...but strangely energized...ready for the next time.

I have learned through this process that I have to keep my physical activity interesting...mix it up a bit and not let my body get bored so to speak...

As I said last night, I am a lot more confident that I can push my body harder after my time in Cali.  I just have to make sure that I continue to work on my old friend BALANCE!! 

It has been a while since Balance and I went head to head...It makes sense that we would be battling these I am extremely busy.  However, part of that challenge for me is sleeping. 

I bet I see an article a day on social media, news channels,etc...about how sleep and weight loss have a direct connection...about how not getting enough rest can lead to more difficult weight loss. 

Goodness I don't need any extra obstacles...However, I have not been sleeping much...working on 3 hours today!  I have been struggling with sleep for the last several days...just so much on my mind and so much to do that the moment I settle in to brain says..."OH Wait...YOU have way too much to do to sleep...Here I have a list"!!!  Then it is off to the races...the brain spews item after item...until I am AWAKE!!! 

Even last night... working all day...trying to squeeze event work in at lunch..going to the Dr AND after playing 2 hours of volleyball in the sand...sweating like a piggy....covered in sand..I get home, shower start to unwind and the BAM!!!  HELLO BRAIN!!!

So after last night's body needs a I am going to do my best to get some rest tonight.  Pray for peaceful thoughts and again...ask God to guide me in the direction I need to be going...Seeking Balance...Seeking Peace...Seeking Calm....AND...Seeking Sleep!

Here are few "sandy" pictures...I am LOVING beach volleyball!!  If I were only a bit taller...thinner, faster and younger...LOL!!!

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  1. I finally don't have a standing phone call at 11pm and am waiting for a consistently earlier bed time. We all need longer, deeper sleep and it's hard to come by when the brain takes over. For a while, I followed some advice by just writing down the big idea on a notebook by my bed. Not blogging or journalling, but an index of thoughts. Then, my brain could forget for just a while what was keeping me awake. Worked sometimes.

    Keep playing in the sand! See you soon.