Monday, July 22, 2013

Dead Bird Monday

Well..It's Monday...still!  Barely!  It has been a long day.  Lots going on lots left to do!  My Monday started out rather strangely! 

I was up bright and early (have an early meeting on Mondays)..another reason to LOVE Mondays!  I get up...get dressed and am out the door by 7:00 AM..ish!  I am carrying all my stuff...brief case, lunch, gym bag...etc...I open the car door and this HORRIBLE odor blasts me in the face!!!  I mean like death bad!!!  I drop all of my stuff and am thinking that I must have hit an animal or something and it MUST be stuck somewhere underneath the car...or something!  HOWEVER...I cannot be late so I get in the car...drag all of my stuff into the car...and am seriously one breath away from puking..when it occurs to me that I had gone grocery shopping a couple of days before...Surely, I did not leave groceries in the CAR for 2 days in the lovely Houston heat???? OH YEA!!!  An entire package of chicken...DEAD, ROTTING BIRD!!!  Back seat...Floor board!!!  Holey Moley!!! was one of the single most disgusting smells I have heard had to lay these nostrils on...AND I knew I was going to have to drive to work with that smell permeating the entire car...

Gratefully and rather strangely, I found a tiny bottle of Lysol spray in my brief case...I have no idea why...but it came in quite handy!!!

Anyway...WELCOME TO MONDAY!!! Dead Bird Monday!!!

So that is how I started my day.  Good news...With the Lysol and some fresh air...the smell began to disappear after about 30 minutes...bad news...I was miserably nauseated for that 30 minutes...Good only lasted 30 minutes and there is only one Monday in a week!!

So as I recently wrote, I am not exactly a glass half full kinda girl...But I like the idea that God fills my glass everyday...Even on Dead Bird Monday!  I like the idea that I (with practice) can in fact, change how I see my glass everyday.  I just have to keep telling my truth...believing that I am on God's path to a greater good and trust that God's Voice is wiser, stronger and truer than the voice that tells me I can't, I am not strong enough or courageous enough to overcome any obstacle. 

I recently had a friend who shared with me some very kind, caring and loving words about who I am to her and what this Journey has meant for Journey and how it influences her life.  I sat and listened carefully...I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her being willing to share something so kind and loving with me.  However, she looked at me and said (I am paraphrasing)...I don't think you really know what I am saying...I don't think you really get what I mean.  I guess she was correct on some level...I do have a very difficult time truly believing that I warrant such  words...that I can make such an impression...I do have a difficult time believing it!  Not sure why really...But here is what I do know...I want to be confident and believe that all of the work God is doing in my life...has a purpose and that I have the ability to be an example of God's Grace...I want to be strong in the knowledge that my Glass is always Full of God's Grace and ready to share!!!

I am going to keep on keepin' on...:)  I am going to keep telling the truth and hoping for the best!

I read this quote today "tweeted" by a young minister that I have spoken of before...Ben Stuart.  I like it!

Honesty is the 1st step to healing: "you cannot heal what you do not 1st acknowledge" - Rohr

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