Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When I Reach the Place I'm Going...

Hi...Happy Wednesday!!!  A busy day today...and a busy evening ahead!!! 

Our event planning is hot and heavy...and making me nervous..BUT...I am enjoying it...not the asking for money part so much...but the creativity involved in planning AND I love the idea that this event is a product of this Journey..and that I have the potential to SHARE the great inspiration I have received!!

I am short on time..but I wanted to mention a couple of things...Yesterday..while I was waiting to have my blood drawn...I was seated in a very small waiting area with a group of people.  Two 80+ year old women, 1 80 year old gentleman, a 64 year old lady and ME...the BABY!!  At least that is what they called me! 

I sat with these folks...not knowing any of them...but listening to an already in progress conversation...They were discussing their lives and loves...their illnesses...and there own miracles...One lady had been married for 65 years and had just lost her husband to Alzheimer's...she talked of the fun they had...even when he his health declined rapidly...she obviously loved him dearly.  Another woman spoke of her older sister...recently diagnosed with colon cancer...she was heartbroken and teared up in front of this group of strangers.  Another lady discussed the loss of a dear friend and her husband's battle with diabetes...she talked of how much she loved her friend and would miss her and she told her husband (sitting with us) that if her mind "went" always laugh and never cry!!  She said..."I will be in God's need to weep"...

I sat and listened...not saying anything ( if you can imagine that) and noticed something in particular..all talked about pain in conjunction with great joy...the Joy of knowing that all of their trials and tribulations were manageable because they had a greater love in their life!  The Love of God.  They talked about Hymns...( remember, I am severely southern and live in the Bible Hymns, church songs...and the like are staples of our culture)...They spoke of Amazing Grace and I'll Fly Away..and His Eye is On the Sparrow...They spoke of the fact that they were only just "passing through" here on Earth and that someday they would be HOME!!! 

So I listened and one point..the eldest of our little spontaneous group (83 years young) took my hand and just held it!!!  Finally...of course, I told my story...and shared with them how I am on Journey to reach my earthly potential!!  :)....Of course...being the Baby in the group...I got a lot of God Bless you and Sweethearts...I even got a "I am a proud of you"...But at the very end...after we all began to be called in to the lab for our tests...One of them...the eldest (who walked with a cane) made the trek back to the waiting room...just to tell me that she will include me in her nightly prayers...
She will know the next right thing to do...If you trust Jesus. 

Made me think of a line from one of my favorite songs...

When I reach the place I'm going...I will surely know my way!!!

So I am sending out a prayerful thank you to my new friends...May God grant you peace and good health and when the time comes...may you find your way Home!!


I received this from my very funny cousin Lori...Who may not realize it...but she ALWAYS makes me smile!!! Love you Lori..

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