Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Borrowed Grace

So today has been another exceptional day....So sorry for the really late post...It has been jammed pack.

I started my day at 6:00 AM with a 2.2 mile walk with Aunt Charlotte at the Batiquitos Lagoon...up and moving early!!!  After our walk, we came back to the house and I began to peruse Facebook and Twitter and came across a post on Kerri Walsh's Facebook page that quite frankly left me speechless (for a few minutes) and truly a sobbing mess....LOL!!!  In a good way!  Here is what I read:

You did it!!!


It was such a joy meeting you, and a few of the lovely ladies in your life. It was a special honor for me to be able to walk with you, up a mountain of burning hot sand, for a small part of your journey. Thank you for having me!

I can't begin to tell you how heartwarming it was meeting you after reading your blog posts for the past months. You are just as sweet, funny and genuine as your written words expose you to be. You are tough, brave, humble, gracious & a total winner. Heart and attitude carry the most weight in my book and you have the heart of a lion and a beautiful attitude that will allow you to keep conquering every obstacle, challenge, goal and figurative sand dune that stands in your way.

Don't stop fighting for the life you want. Definitely never stop believing in yourself. You are surrounded by wonderful, loving, supportive people for a reason .... Because a person like you deserves a wonderful life and because you get what you give in life.

I loved how you spoke of accountability. I loved how every story you shared with me included a dear friend who understands and supports the journey that you are on. I love that your beautiful Mama and Auntie joined you on this particular quest. I adore the fact that you put yourself out there .... I AM inspired and I thank you for the lessons you taught me and for the reminders as well.
Life is a process and a journey. We will surely get to our destinations, Albeit not exactly when we hope or necessarily plan on. Dreams, goals and timelines are our guidebooks and so necessary to life. They are not etched in stone but are fluid because they need to be. As long as we know where we want to go -- as long as we are willing to fight and fight and fight -- as long as we keep our faith -- we will arrive. We will achieve. And we most certainly will have lived a blessed life. Don't stop, Jaime!
All my very best always,

So....I must explain something really quickly....last night (Sunday Night)...I went up to bed...my head still reeling from the events of Saturday...the amazing experience...and with a heart so full of love that I thought I would burst...and low and behold...I did (sort of)...I cried and cried and cried!  I am not a big crier...But I have cried quite a bit along this Journey...really opening up to the impact that this Journey is having on my spirit and my heart...However, last night...was a gusher!!!!  It was just a pure emotional release...I told a few of my closest friends that I knew that climbing the Dune would represent so much more than a physical challenge for me...It would be an emotional event for me...I knew already before I set foot in the sand...that my adrenaline, my excitement and the knowledge that I was going to have the rare, precious opportunity to share a very personal moment with someone that I greatly admire for being the kind of person I strive to be....would require me to be really vulnerable...DOUBLE EXPOSURE...I was undertaking the toughest physical goal I had to date AND I went there knowing that I was going to share my heart!!!!  And of course...with grace and dignity...:)

I DID IT....with borrowed Grace ...I Did IT...because I was walking with someone who was equally willing to share her heart!  I knew that 5 minutes into the climb.  

However, when I read these words above...NO Words..just tears...tears of incredible joy and gratitude and again, I could feel the presence of God's Grace...Like the best hug ever!!!!

Those words...opened up a completely new chapter to this Journey for me...I will have to explain later because I don't really fully know exactly how...but trust me...My Gut...God's voice....has given me a heads up!!!  

I do know this...I truly am changed...I don't think anyone could have a moment like I have had and not be changed...for the better.  

Before I go...I have another special blessing to share...I got to spend several hours with my college roommate, Marian tonight!  She lives in San Diego and we were able to work it out that we could spend some time together...She, Mom and I had a great evening on Coronado Island...great dinner, great conversation and again...another moment where I am blessed by someone else's Grace...

You see Marian and I have always had a special connection...one of those connections that lasts a lifetime...no matter the distance in miles or time...we are always connected at the heart!  For that I am eternally grateful...Here is the really cool part...She is moving back to Texas...SWEET!!!! 

So thank you Marian...for sharing your heart...I love you!!! 

Goodnight or should I say Good morning...Have a blessed Tuesday!  

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