Sunday, July 7, 2013

Other People's Grace

Sometimes we have to count on the Grace of others...let me explain.  Before we left for this trip...I mentioned that I prayed that I could complete this challenge with some grace and dignity.  Somewhat tongue in cheek...but not completely.  I really was a little worried about making a bit of a fool of myself and I was not so sure if I made a fool out of myself...if Grace would be anywhere in the equation.

But I found out something...I was able to keep my dignity and still try something that some might have considered a bit foolish for where I am at in this Journey.  I was able to maintain that dignity because of the Grace of the people there...on that day...watching me, encouraging me, cheering me on...sending me good luck messages and because of the immeasurable Grace (and patience) shown by Kerri!

I feel quite confident that there will be life lessons from this experience that I will slowly get over the course of the next several days...weeks...months...etc...

One that I have gotten in the last 36 hours is that it is really OK to rely on the Grace that God has given to being willing to take some one's hand and hold it as we climb our mountains...or big, hot sand dunes as it were.

The day of the "climb"...I got messages from friends and family...telling me they love me, believe in me....they told me over and over again that I could do it!!!!  Again...the Grace of others.

I got a great pic from my sweet and lifelong friend Brigette and her sweet kiddo Jillian...The wrote GO JAIME on their faces....posted it on Facebook AND Twitter...You gotta love that...Other people's Grace.

I have received 50 to 75 wonderful, kind, funny, uplifting messages...Facebook, texts, name it...since yesterday...All of them examples of Other Peoples Grace....All examples of God's Grace.

You see...I met an exceptional human being who has greatly touched my heart, shown me great kindness and patience and reminded me that great Good lives in this world...She is full of God's is profoundly visible in her actions, her words, her don't have to look too can even see it in her smile!!!

Here is the really cool part...I don't have to look too far in any direction to find God's Grace...I am completely surrounded by it....It comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life...Some I see everyday.....others only once  in a blue moon..ALL are amazing....

If you have not noticed...I am back behind the wheel of the LOVE BUS...Next Stop....Gratitude!!!!

I do have more pics to share....Enjoy...I know I have...Thanks to Aunt Charlotte for providing a wonderful play-by-play of the own personal Char-parazzi!!!

Before I go...I misspelled the city name of Gstaad, SUI in my post last night...and it has been buggin the crap out of me...


  1. I'll be honest! I have only just read this post and your very first post (so I could get some context!)... Only reading these two posts, I have got to say I am SOOOOOO inspired by your persistence, your heart for the Lord, and your courage! Kerri is right that you have a heart of a lion, and I wanted you to know that you have one more person praying you as you keep on this journey. Don't know you, but this is what the "church" is all about, right?! Amazing feat... and I celebrate and praise God with you!!

    And, thanks for reminding us that it is okay to accept the grace God gives us through others. I think I needed to "hear" this (as I tend to be pretty hard on my perfectionistic, but so very far from perfect self), because I'm finding the tears welling up FAST!

    Thanks for sharing your story! Thanks to Kerri for being an ongoing inspiration to me as well, and Praise the Lord for His awesome way of loving and encouraging all of us!!

    It looks like you are in Houston for your tournament; maybe I will see you there!

    1. Karen...thank you for such a heart felt response! God continues to bless this amazing,crazy Journey...meeting Kerri was unbelievable on so many levels...truly a blessing! Would love it if u could make event...check out our FB page...Play it Forward...Rally to Serve! Blessings, Jaime

  2. You. Rock.

    Sharing that part of ourselves that others see as Grace is kind of like throwing Cool Whip into a fan. God only knows where that Grace is going to get splattered. Jaime, you are splattering a ton of people and probably don't know half of them.

    Again, You. Rock.
    luv ya!

    1. Howard...You so Rock! I am blessed to have u in my life! You always make me smile! Never Fails! Love u! Jlp