Thursday, August 1, 2013

Capture the Miracle

Hi...It IS Thursday which means that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! Whoop!!! Whoop!!! 

Given that I did not get home until 1:30 AM or so last night...I am ready to catch a few extra ZZZ's over the weekend (if possible). 

Last night (until the wee morning hours)...I played pick up "beach" volleyball again at Third Coast Volleyball Club in the heart of Southwest Houston!  So much fun!!!  I love it and it is a fantastic workout for the Fluffy Girl...however...we did not even start playing until after 11:00 PM last night...This girl is "feeling" the burn today! 

I even have documented evidence of my "skills"...This is me..(the short...fluffy one) going up against my Cali born co-worker Gavin!!!  Fluffy girl has some "ups"...LOL!!!!  Hilarious...but least I tried to JUMP!!!

My Co-worker Kristen was kind enough to take a few photos...before playing a game or two with us!!! 
When I got home last night, I looked like a powdered Donut!!!!  White sand EVERYWHERE!!! a result of my physical prowess and antics last night...I MAY be a little sore today...OK...I may be a lot sore!!!!

My 46 year old knee is not ALL that fond of my Jumping, diving, flopping, rolling...etc...So ICE ICE BABY...was in order for the day!!!

I have been sharing my semi weekly volleyball adventures with Kerri...including the above photo...I know..I are asking yourself right now...Is she crazy or just nuts? Yes...I sent a picture of myself playing volleyball to the world's BEST Professional Beach Volleyball Player! AND I felt perfectly comfortable doing so...I want her to know who I am and know how the sport she loves is making an impact on this Journey of am just a ham!!!

Again...for a slightly more serious moment...It may just be me... but the above photo...a picture of a clunky, short, fluffy girl doing her best to hoist up a couple of hundred pounds or so to hit a volleyball is one of the most amazing things I have seen...Clearly, not because of my athletic ability or great form...but again...because ONE year ago...I was completely knocked on my butt by illness and to some extent, despair, sadness, overwhelm and just plain ole...exhaustion!  I COULD NOT walk much distance...much less throw my body around a volleyball court...So for me this photo is completely AMAZING...

Here is the truth...when I first saw the pics of me playing last night...I was like...Hell NOOO...nobody is gonna see these...Because, to me...I don't look like much of an athlete...I am still obviously not in "playing form" LOL...and well...I just am not at the..."I really like the way I look in photos" place yet.

But since I have committed to this Journey...Committed to being accountable and acknowledging the realities of this Journey...I decided it was important to share this pic...Not because I am doing some promo shoot for Womens' Fitness...but because I am SHARING this miracle and this picture captures the Miracle!!!

It perfectly captures where I am...I am reaching for the top...moving my feet again...trying to lift myself out of the place I was in and reach a new level of life..A new level of accountability...It captures the miracle of HOPE...Really believing that if I just put myself out there...God will show me the way...I will not fail...but learn and grow...even in my clunky, awkward moments...even when I think I can take on a 6'2" Cali boy ( My Co-Worker Gavin in the pic above) at the net...just so you know...I GOT A PIECE OF THAT BALL!!!   I warned him that I still had some hops!!! is to another amazing day on this Journey...

For those of you that have recently shared with me that you are starting your own Journey...It is OK to be a little freaked out...overwhelmed or just plain scared...but really..I am saying this after 11 months on this Journey...This IS something you can do...For me...It requires a Faith that I am not alone in the deal...I have the Love of God and the Love of the people in my life that provide great strength, hope and some serious inspiration!!! 

So...since the beginning this has been my Battle Cry....a reminder of what great strength, heart and grace look like in human form...MAWA!!!!!  :))


  1. WAY TO GO!!!! You are so encouraging! Been enjoying your notes each day! It's amazing how The Lord uses them so many times...! Thanks for continuing to share!!!

    And GREAT JUMP!!!! Can you imagine your vertical by next August for your 2nd annual event?!? :)


  2. Thank you Karen!!! Just imagine the air I will be able to get next year...Thank you for your optimism!! :) and of course...thank you for reading and supporting!! Keeps me going!