Friday, October 11, 2013

13 Lucky Years

Hi There....A Big...Busy Day in my little corner of the world!

Today...13 years ago...a sweet, little baby girl was born to my best friend and her husband and I had the honor of being there and holding that baby girl moments after she was born...It was love at 1st sight!

Since that moment...I have been Aunt Jaime...proudly! An amazing blessing....a funny, lovable, precious little human!  The Divine Ms Em continues to bless my life daily!  13 Lucky years of blessings!

So Mom and I were up early to take Emily a birthday cupcake and flowers to start her day...before school!  The celebration continued tonight and we will crank up the party again tomorrow!! That is how we ROLL!

In between all of that, I worked, coached volleyball, shopped, and spent 2.5 hours in H-town traffic! But you know what...It was a good day!

Another day filled with opportunities to truly see all of God's blessings both large and small!

I am truly blessed!

Congratulations to both Kerri and Casey as they and their teammates....kicked some serious volleyball butt today. They deserve every victory...every successful moment....They are Living the Love! Champions!

I will continue on this path tomorrow...Living in the Light!

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