Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perfectly Divine

Happy Rainy least that is the case here in Houston!

Nice day to sleep in...But...I did not!  Started the day with church...followed by a quick lunch...a little light housework and then off to the Y-M-C-A!

Got in another pretty good workout...trying to do more weight lifting work...followed by some cardio.  I have been working out in what I call the "big boy gym" know...the place where the muscles have muscles! A typically "flab free zone"...until now!  MOVE OVER BOYS...Make room for FLUFFY!

It is a little awkward for me...but what the only live once! I am just trying to work with and work OFF what I got!

Now...I am having my "reflection" time...Time to prepare my heart, mind and body for the week ahead!

Big week ahead...I leave for Cali early Friday morning....Excited mostly...nervous a little!  Am sure it will be another amazing experience!

My focus this week is working on me from the inside out...believing in my own heart. Knowing that I while I may be imperfect...I am a loved child of God. I will focus on reaching beyond the critical voice in my head to hear the Voice Of Truth...God's truth. 

Literally as I sit here writing this...I received the following from Kerri:

"You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world" ~Lucille Ball

As I received it...I thought about how much I love God's timing...about how  blessed I am to be growing a friendship with someone like Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings and about how much I Love Lucy...always have! Perfectly Divine in an imperfect world!

I feel good about this week! I hope your week is Perfectly Divine as well!

By the way...The Jennings family represented the U.S.A. in glorious fashion...Casey and Phil won the Silver in Brazil. ..while Kerri and April brought home the Gold...AWESOMENESS!

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