Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Want to Be a Champion

I want to be a Champion! 

Here's how champion is defined in Websters:

: someone or something (such as a team or an animal) that has won a contest or competition especially in sports

: someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.
Now...I do like to win...
When I was a kid I used to tell my my friends that the Queen song..We Are The Champions..was my "power song"...LOL!!! Whatever that meant!  I would play it before I would play in a softball, basketball or volleyball game....
Once (when I was  about 11)...I had a couple of my friends over at my house and I decided to "demonstrate" how powerful the song made me by showing them how high I could jump on my power was on full display alright...because in the midst of my show of bed broke!!!  Yep...that was fun to explain to my Mom and Grandmother...But...clearly the song DID give me powers...I broke a bed frame!!! You gotta give me that!!!
Later, when I played sports competitively, I LOVED to win and HATED to lose...Not a good loser...but was closely monitored by a Mom that insisted that I be both a gracious loser AND a gracious Winner!  I wanted to be the Champion!!! 
As an desire to be a champion admittedly diminished...poor health...stressful jobs...really took the champion out of me!  I still liked to win...but my power...just seemed to slowly dissipate. I sit here...I am clear that I want to be a champion!  I am also clear that my definition of Champion has changed a bit...Oh..I still like to win...I want to win this battle of the fluff...I want to conquer these challenges with complete grace...even when I lose...or in this case...don't lose :)
AND...there are some new dimensions to being a Champion  that have evolved in my "older" age and certainly during this Journey.
I want to be a Champion for the things that I believe in...for the people that I love...For the causes that live in my heart...and I want to be a Champion for my faith! 
I want to be a Champion for I know that may sound a little corny..but bear with me...It can be difficult to Love others during difficult can be difficult to Love our Neighbors...and I can be the biggest offender...But I want to champion the Love cause...I am not saying that we all have to gather around the campfire and sing Kumbaya...but I do think that what this "World needs now is Love Sweet Love".
So what can I do...Let It Begin With Me!  I can be a Champion for the things that will make a difference in my life and trust that God will put me in the right place at the right time to share that with others. 
I have Champions in my life...I have people who live life with Love...with integrity and with a Faith that cannot be rivaled. 
If I do not live by Example...My words have no voice is wasted!
Love can be displayed in the simplest of ways...It does not mean that we have to tell everyone we meet...HEY....I LOVE YOU!!!  Love is actually so impactful in the most unspoken of ways. 
Of course...I am partial to telling my friends and family I love them...even if it feels a little vulnerable.  I want them to know...but...I am aware that words...if not backed up by actions...well..they can be empty and meaningless. 
I want to be a Champion of Action!  I want to keep my body heart giving and my Faith sharing!
Yesterday I sent this to a certain Olympic Champion who embodies Living Love out loud!  I found it on a blog...and do not know the author...but I loved it....Again...I know lots of great Champions...I am sharing this with you!
For old times sake...Here is my Power Song!

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  1. Love that song & the story!!! Power songs rule!! ;)