Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fluff Busting Beast

Happy late Saturday. EARLY Sunday! 

It has been an action packed day filled with lots of fluff busting and butt kickin'.

First, I completed a tough workout...a real doozie.. kettle bell squats...lunges...shoulders...deadlifts...chest press and Lat pulls! THEN...some light cardio! I WAS A FLUFF BUSTIN BEAST!

Secondly, it was a banner sports day! My Texas Longhorns whooped up some Sooners AND...tomorrow. ..Kerri and her husband Casey will BOTH be going for Gold tomorrow in Sao Paulo!  Go U.S.A.!!!

Lastly...I spent the rest of the day getting ready for and fully partcipating in Emily's 13th Birthday Party!  She and I shopped for the perfect balloons...picked up pizza and even squeezed in a Starbucks trip!

Party was great....I spent the rest of the night "runnin" with a pack of teens/ induced chaos...FUN!

However. ...I am now suffering from a bad case of Gluteous Drageous!  In other words....My Ass is Draggin'

Great Day...Another day of great blessings...lots of love and fluff busting!

This Fluffy Girl is done for tonight.  



  1. Ha ha!! Sounds like a GREAT day! I watched your Longhorns play & was excited to see that win! Like when my beloved Aggies -- & the Longhorns are both competitive!!

    And for all your hard work, wow!! Keep going! Your attitude is contagious!! Your persistence is encouraging!! And your honesty is refreshing and speaking into others' lives for the +!! Thanks as always, Jaime!! Karen

  2. Karen...Always appreciate your thoughts! You are a glad this Journey introduced us!!!