Monday, October 21, 2013

Love Is A POWERFUL Thing!

Day coming to a close...happy to be going home with just a bit of sadness to be leaving...
I am kind of a goofball...I always get a little sad when I leave the Ocean...especially one so beautiful!  I always feel a little more at peace...a little lighter...and a little more free in that place...the air...the steady sound...the smells...all of it just makes me feel better!
So last day of an absolutely amazing trip..Today was no different!  I met with Kerri's trainer Tommy...I was nervous when I arrived...but the minute I walked in...Janie (whom I had spoken with on the phone a few times)..knew who I was...probably the "the deer in the headlights" look I was sporting!! But regardless. ..she was so friendly and welcoming!  Nerves gone!
I spent about 45 min with Tommy...great energy... he kindly let me ramble...shared some really great nutritional info with me...and once again...through Kerri...I met yet another kind heart and was treated with tremendous kindness and generosity.
Again...I am overwhelmed with gratitude! Dumbfounded by the generosity of spirit and kindness I have witnessed and though I am RARELY speechless....I am aware that trying to put how I feel into words...seems inept and inadequate!
But that never seems to stop me from trying!
So as I leave here, I leave with new inspiration....I leave with a heart overflowing...I leave with some new friends and with a deepened respect and love for my precious friend Kerri and her beautiful family.
I leave with a bit of a new fire in my belly...the good kind...I leave with a little more self confidence....and I leave with the yearning to get better and better.
I watched a Champion rise above this weekend....She had a tough day...she would tell you she played poorly...but I witnessed someone who had a "tough day at the office" but did not for a minute lose sight of the most important thing in her life...her family! She hugged them up..told them she loved them...Mom, Sister, babies, hubby...the whole crew!
Divine Perspective! Divine Inspiration!
I believe we get what we give in Life...I believe that if I make every effort to Love with all my heart that I will in surrounded by those whose hearts are full of Love. That means loving myself too...the greater my capacity to love inwardly...the more outwardly I have to give!
If I did not know it fully before this weekend...I do now....LOVE IS A POWERFUL THING!
Much love to all of you and May God Bless and Keep You.


  1. Answered prayer in that God was taking care of your requests for motivation!!! I love seeing how He cares about us and our desires so much, like a good father would!

    So happy for you about this trip!!! :) love your insights! Feel (again!!) that The Lord uses your words to help me get in touch with some similar struggles! Thank you for your honesty once again!! And keep attacking that goal, Jaime! Blessings, sister!!


  2. Hi Karen...I agree that it is quite wonderful to see how God's perfectly plans and protects our lives! Thank you for your consistently inspiring comments...the support is golden!!! I need every bit of it! This weekend was a truly amazing experience. I am so blessed by all of it! Thank you again! Hugs and Blessings to you! JP