Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lived to Tell About It

TONE TONE IS HOME!  Home Sweet Home!

She is quite tired but quite happy to be unhooked, unplugged, unencumbered by any medical machinery!

Got her home this evening and got her settled then I headed out for a bike ride...I have not worked out in 2+ weeks...and boy could I tell...

I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest! Seriously. ..I thought Holy Toledo...I am going to drop dead!

But...I survived.   WHY is it that it takes so long to get in shape....but so little time to get "out of shape"?...Why is that?

Anyway. ..the good news. ..I worked out and Lived to tell about it!

Now....I am ready to turn off my brain. ..and get some rest...

Goodnight and thank you all for your continued prayers!


  1. YEA!! my dears!!! Char Char

  2. Awesome news!!!! Glad she's home!!
    & you're right about the workout.. At least, it seems that "getting back" is faster than "getting there".. Don't you think?? You'll get back in your workout groove! - Karen

    1. It does seem that getting back is on a different and slower time table...but I will keep plugging along! :)