Friday, October 4, 2013

Leading with my Gut!

Happy Friday...Busy Volleyball game tonight!
My Spiker girls lost but played MUCH better! We will get em next time!

Mom is home. ..resting and feeling better today.. still a little tired. you all know.  My motivation has been underwhelming as of late! I have a 5K coming up in November as a mini goal!  But as of today...I booked a trip to Huntington Beach, CA to see the AVP Beach VB Championships and to see Kerri play! AND on Monday, October 21st...I will be meeting Kerri's trainer.  I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to learn some new ways to navigate this Journey and I am hoping that the experience will provide a much-needed motivational boost! 
Honestly.  Once I made the adrenaline shot through the roof! I thought OMG, IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS...I will be meeting with a man who trains world class athletes...Wait til he gets a load of me!! Do you think it is possible to lose 60lbs in 2.5 weeks? Hell to the no!

So...I am excited AND a little intimidated!  but I will say this...this entire Journey has been about stepping outside of my comfort zone!  It has been about being willing to be willing!
I can tell you this...I don't like how I feel right old comfort zone is not so comfortable anymore!

I am willing to step back into this Journey....even the discomfort of new experiences. ..of rolling my fluffy self to Cali...flying solo and sharing this Journey with another new group of people!

There were quite a few good reasons NOT to take this trip...but my gut (no pun intended) said GO! my Mom and several friends encouraged me to take this trip! My sweet friend Camille said this to me:

"YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK….this is this juice – the injection – the shot in the arm you need right now.  Imagine how much that will inspire you!"

I need a shot in the arm!

So I am leading with my gut...Going for the gusto...and am trusting this trip is just one more amazing God gift!

I continue to have amazing support from an amazing group of people that God has quite strategically placed in my life.

AGAIN...I am Blessed! 


  1. Wow!!!! Amazing is right!!!! That's plain awesome!!! :) I CANNOT wait to hear about THIS TRIP!! I love how you are still taking steps even when it's a more difficult season... That's most of the battle is to just keep moving!! Way to go, Jaime!! -Karen

  2. Thank you Karen...I am excited and nervous! You always make me SMILE! THANK YOU FOR THAT