Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 3-California Adventure

Day 3 of my California adventure is in the books...I am up late...packing...getting ready for one more day here in SoCal.
Tomorrow is my appt with Kerri's trainer and I am hoping to soak up as much knowledge as possible. My inspiration is geared up...I just really feel like I need some face to face guidance...a plan!
The last 3 days have been thrilling, inspiring, heart warming...nerve wracking...filled with great opportunity to learn, laugh and love.   I met some really amazing people...watched some unbelievable to build sand castles with some adorable kids...see, hear and feel the Pacific ocean!!
When I planned this goal was to take a purposeful step toward continuing this Journey. This trip was to be an opportunity to see my inspiration play some kick butt volleyball...spend time in the ocean air AND have a conversation with a man who trains world class athletes and happens to train my favorite world class athlete!!
My experience so far, surpasses anything I could have imagined or planned!   Kerri and her family treated me like one of their own.  I loved every minute with Kerri, her Mom, All of the Walsh/Jennings crew!
They are a special group...and I am better for the experience!  Kerri is an exceptional person...athlete. ..Mom...wife. And she is greatly loved and supported by some really strong, loving people!
Today was a tough day for Kerri and April...they lost in the semifinals.  My heart broke for Kerri...tough loss AND she had to get on a plane to China tonight and leave her family...tough..tough day!
She still took  the time to sign autographs, do interviews....un-freakin-believable!! I am...knowing that God is actively working in my life...showing me what strength, courage, love and faith look like in action...again!
I just really want to live all of those qualities Out Loud! Wear them like a badge of honor! 
Must get some rest...tomorrow is a big day!
Here are a few pics from today!

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