Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wanting to be Fortified in Good Health

Hello...I am sitting in the hospital with my Mom...not an unfamiliar place for her...for either one of us.

I have a love/hate relationship with hospitals!  They have saved my Mom's life...and mine...and they bring up a whole world of not so great memories.  

I am grateful to be here today. ..knowing that my Mom needs a high level of care and is getting that care in this hospital.   I just could do without the antiseptic odor that permeates my senses and triggers lots of unpleasant memories.

I am a bit of a wingnut...I can barely walk into a hospital without getting completely nauseated...at least for a moment...I recover...but hate it!

Moments like this remind me why I am willing to take this road...this Journey. ..even when it is hard...I want to live healthy...I want any memories of being hospitalzed to be nothing more than a vague, foggy haze.
I want to be strong, courageous and fortified in good health so that I can be a strong, kick ass caretaker for my Mom!

This Journey has always been about being a better human being...being someone who's faith is stronger than any unhealthy vice...

You know...I am struggling.  I feel comfortable saying that this is the most I have struggled from the very beginning.  But...I am clear that the alternative...the old path...is a path to nowhere.


So again...I trust that this day has served a purpose. ..even amid the struggles.

For my Mom...I am praying for her comfort and healing!  Her faith is like steel! Her Kidneys...well...they need some help!!

Thank you to my friends and family for your support! Thanks to all of you who have answered my request for prayers.  I believe prayer is most powerful. ..therefore,  I ask for your continued prayers!

Thanks to Aunt Charlotte, Brig, Donna, Aunt Lois, Nettie for checking in with us...and thanks to Kerri for sharing your precious Scout...who got the biggest smile of the day!

A special thanks to all of you...my Facebook pals for all of the prayers and comments. ..I have read each one to Mom! Love!

Here is my sweet Mama...finally resting!
She will probably kill me for taking a pic of her while in the hospital!!!

Love and hugs to u all!


  1. HI my "girls"....I love you both....Prayers, A.C.

  2. Prayers coming your way!!!
    He has you; I know we both know it!