Monday, October 28, 2013

Beat Resistance with Persistance

So...It is Monday...and of course...I have to work to not make one of my standard Monday wisecracks!

Instead ..I am embracing this day as yet one More Opportunity to see a a blessing...and break a sweat!

At the end of my work day...I REALLY wanted to go and get in some quality couch time....AND then...I thought about how great it is going to feel to finally beat the conquer...overcome and defeat my flabby opponent!
So...I decided I must go to the gym so that I could kick my own ass!  BATTLE!

So I did my Concept II Rower workout...3 sets...300 meters...1.50 minutes. So I did my first set in...300 meters in 1:50 min.
Then my 2nd set after a 3 minute rest.  300 meters in 1:25 min.
Then my 3rd set....300 meters. ..1:15 min.  YEA BABY! !

Now please here me say...I thought my chest was going to explode...but I did it...I kicked my own ass in record time!

After that...I did 25 minutes on the bike.  But while I was sitting on the bike...I became aware of this button that I always have to push before I begin....It says:

Quick Start

I always chuckle when I push could not be farther from the truth for me!  I am not the master of the quick start...but I secretly wish there was a button that magically gave me quick start a off the blocks...quick out of the gate!

Also written on that button is the word "Resistance"...with a picture of an "UP" arrow and a "DOWN" arrow.  Now these are words I can relate to...Lol!

That is one of the my biggest daily challenges....managing my Resistance!  The "Ups" and "Downs". 

If you could hear the dialogue...the arguments that go on in my head during the beginning of my would either scream with frustration...OR roar with laughter! It is Cray Cray!

But I truly have to push through the resistance...the physical AND the mental! I have to have these conversations with myself daily!

But...I am finding that the key to my resistance is in fact,  my persistence...I have to go through the Ups and Downs and the round and rounds...I have to overcome the effects of the slow start and be willing to battle the sluggishness and TRUST that the middle and end are worth the fight!

I have to be willing to battle the defeated me that thinks that the slow start is a good reason to stop! Push...Fight...Battle...against all of my conditioned responses to pain and fatigue!

I know I can beat the is just going to take Persistence!

Here is a little photo collage of my battle tonight!

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